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    Dear participants! We wish you a wonderful mood!

    We are sure MMM’s tremendous growth cannot but pleases you. Everybody is paid accrued percents, our members live out their dreams. We are really happy. :))

    Time is moving forward, and so is our Community. Everything is stable due to your active work. We cope with our tasks perfectly, expand MMM and become closer to our main goal -- a new fair world for ordinary people. Well done, guys! Keep it up! ;-))

    One more week has passed, and we are going to share our news in weekly MMM digest. You will get to know how the things are going in different countries and read the news concerning cryptocurrencies. Let’s get it started!

    MMM and cryptocurrencies:
    • This week, we have promised to spotlight the reaction of our members to the implementation of Ethereum in China. Is everything still great? Is cryptocurrency popularity growing in MMM? Obviously, yes! In this week, the number of PH in Ethereum has increased three times! Our participants are very happy with Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. These cryptocurrencies are very popular in China, and our participants feel more comfortable when providing/getting help in this way.
    • Generally, MMM is now taking a large step in its work with cryptocurrencies. Besides China, new cryptocurrencies were added in other MMM countries. Therefore, if we see that other cryptocurrencies (besides Bitcoin) gain popularity in certain countries we enable our members to use these cryptocurrencies in MMM.
    • Adding cryptocurrencies provided a substantial impetus to MMM development. It encourages new members, and increases loyalty of the current MMM participants. We are very pleased with that situation. And we are pleased because you are happy!
    And now, let’s review the key news in different MMM countries:
    • Following the previous week, MMM Indonesia continues to please us with its activity. Local leaders have carried out several offline events in warm atmosphere. We are pleased when MMM participants feel like real friends. When the Community becomes coherent it becomes more stable. Besides, charity events for children have been carried in different cities of the country. Children have passed a great time and felt extremely content. Thank you friends for taking care about our common future! Thank you for giving them light!
    • Representatives of MMM Nigeria participated in joint charity event with Beautiful Soul organization. During the event, the organizers fixed the supply of drinking water from the well of one ordinary Nigerian village. Local inhabitants and administration were extremely grateful for help to MMM and personally to Sergey Mavrodi. At the same time, we believe that the taking care about ordinary people is the basic task of our Community. We are changing the world!
    • We feel extremely pleased as we watch how our MMM China participants get new knowledge about cryptocurrencies. They get to know more about digital money, provide and get help, and even give tips to other participants. It seems our instructions were really useful and convenient, and our consultants from the cryptocurrency section make a good job.
    • We want to share our recent Mavronews from Africa and Brazil. As usual, you will find a lot of interesting.. ;-))
      Mavronews from Brazil:
      Mavronews from Africa:
    • This week, the webinar on the topic "Secure participation in MMM Australia" was held in MMM Australia. The attendees got tips and recommendations regarding ways of minimizing risks during the participation. We express our gratitude to the leaders for useful events, it is extremely important. Watch the video of the webinar here:
    • MMM Thailand and MMM Myanmar participants have become “early response family”, they provide help to each other without any delays. :)) Last week, average GH expectation time was less than 24 hours! It means MMM participants create GH request and get their money almost immediately. It is stable and secure!
    • Active guiders from MMM RSA are enthusiasts as usual and continue to hold offline events for newcomers. This week, they gathered people and explained them the goals and the ideology of our Community. Thank you guys for strengthening MMM and attracting new members. It is very significant for us. Keep it up, and we will become even stronger and more powerful!
    • The guiders from Kenya and Ghana are active as well. They have carried out several offline events in different formats — official meetings in conference halls and friendly meetings in cafes. Both approaches were efficient! The most important is to make people understand what MMM is and how it works. Many visitors decided to join our Community. We express our gratitude to the guiders and wish you success!
    • Offline event was held in Brazil. It was the presentation of our wonderful Community. The organizers were positive guys. Such approach is really great. Thank you for your optimism. Thank you for attracting newcomers to MMM. Follow this way and continue to strengthen our Community for the welfare of our participants. ;-))
    • The activity of our participants grows significantly in MMM Zimbabwe. The number of PH and GH requests increases day after day. Well done, guys! Keep it up! The stability and efficiency of our mutual help Community depend on your activity. The key word is mutual help, therefore continue to help to each other and strengthen MMM. Invite new members so that they can obtain financial freedom.
    • As we mentioned in our last digest, MMM Philippines celebrated its first anniversary. We want to congratulate you with this significant achievement and underline that the activity of our leaders is growing constantly. This growth happened thanks to the successful work during the year. Our leaders feel inspired and continue to promote our Community. Keep it up!
    • Leaders from MMM Turkey continue to gain the momentum. They hold new offline events, and it is great. Guys, you make a great contribution to the development of our Community in your country and in the whole world. Continue to work properly! Thank you so much! We would like to underline that a new MMM School course has started in Turkey. It means soon we will have even more active and successful guiders. Well done!;-))

    Best Testimonials

    Our participants continue to send us interesting and creative Happiness Letters. Today, we are pleased to share 2 more cool videos from our participants who got their 10% bonus. Watch and enjoy! ;-))

    As a final note

    This week has been successful in different MMM countries. As you can understand, we can’t describe all events held by our participants. Generally, there were many interesting events, and unfortunately we can’t describe all of them in our short digest. Therefore, we are trying to share with you the most significant and memorable ones.

    All our participants make a good job, and we are proud of such support all over the world. Once again, we want to express our gratitude to everybody for promoting and strengthening our Community! :))

    We call everyone to participate in MMM as actively as possible. You can do it in different ways -- provide financial help, invite new members, build your own structures, share the information about our Community in social networks and on forums, hold online and offline events… Generally, help to promote our Community in any possible ways. Therefore, we will reach our goal and build a new fair world where everybody lives happily!

    Thank you for your attention! Stay with us!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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