Official News 14.11.2017 Does Bitcoin turn into a real currency?

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    There are two ways to participate МММ: via traditional (fiat) money and cryptocurrencies. We recommend the second way, since it’s faster, safer and more profitable.

    The leading cryptocurrency in the world is Bitcoin - is coming ever deeper into daily life. In just 8 years of its existence, Bitcoin achieved incredible results thanks to unlimited blockchain technologies which it is based on.

    From a medium of accumulation to a medium of settlement

    Quite recently Bitcoin has been used by investors as a storage and capital increase medium. This is a really great way to keep and multiply savings - much more profitable than bank deposits; investing in shares, precious metals, property… Bitcoin beat all these methods. And if you participate in MMM using Bitcoin, your income will be many times higher.

    However, nowadays, Bitcoin is increasingly used also upon financial operations settlement. This means that users consider it not only as a wonderful tool to multiply their capital but as a profitable and convenient opportunity to pay for goods and services.

    It’s hard to argue with statistics

    Recently - BitPay - the largest payment system on Bitcoin currency published several graphs with the dynamics of using Bitcoin as a payment medium since 2013 to this day.

    Judging by the presented data, over the last year, the number of transactions increased by practically four times compared to previous years. Similar growth is observed in being processed payment sums as well.

    Among purchases and services that are most frequently paid via Bitcoin: flight tickets, car rental, hotel booking. Less often but still far more in comparison with previous years - goods are paid online.

    In a word, if earlier people considered Bitcoin mainly as an investment and capital preservation medium, today they are willing to spend it as habitual fiat money. The more so, to use Bitcoin is more convenient than fiat money and safer thanks to anonymity and high security level in contrast with credit cards and other banking services.

    BitPay representatives say that if things keep going the way they have been, soon Bitcoin may become one of the frontrunners for performing financial payments. Time will show whether it is true or not.
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