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    The MMM Community is building a just world where anyone may attain happiness and success. Today, we're going to share some tips with you on how to control your irritability and to always keep your temper in line. It's not too difficult if you work on yourself a little bit.

    Where irritability comes from

    Each person has their own character traits, temper and habits. And each person is irritated by the things that are alien to them. Some prefer peace and quiet and go to bed early. Others turn on loud music and watch TV until late at night. Whenever these extremes meet, it leads to irritability.
    It's inevitable in a family, at the workplace, in the street. Irritability can also result from frequent misfortunes, various unpleasant situations, etc. If you pull it together, you can learn to control this unpleasant feeling.

    5 ways to tackle irritability
    • Accept the situation and yourself the way they are.If you're having a losing streak, treat your misfortunes as stupid coincidences. It's no big deal — it's going to bounce back soon. Keep your cool, and the run of bad luck will be over soon.
    • Keep your cool.Are you irritated by the toys tossed around by your kid or by dirty dishes? Don't make a scene. Peace and quiet are more important for the family, so keep your cool. Discuss the household issues in a kind voice and try to solve them calmly.
    • Do exercise.It's a great way to relieve physical and emotional distress. Simple exercises will drive away bad feelings and irritability along with them. Many problems that seem serious solve themselves in the end.
    • Turn your attention to something else.As soon as you start feeling irritated, “turn on” joyful memories. Shift the focus of your attention from the irritant to pleasant things. Thus, you relieve distress and let your brain relax. The situation is defused, and irritability will be replaced by friendliness.
    • Take a detached view.Be self-aware at the time of irritability. Think about how you look. Make five deep breaths and focus on breathing. It'll take the edge off and calm you down.
    Keep your emotions at bay to attain success sooner. Join MMM, earn a high percentage of the help provided and remain calm in all situations!
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