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    On 12/04/2016, the offline presentation was held in the city of Sambaiba-MA. The event was held in an open and airy environment.

    Prior the event leaflets distribution has been done on the streets of the city.

    During the event, the presentation of the MMM Brazil System was conducted, giving information about the community's goals and presenting to the participants how the system works and its advantages, along with folder distribution. Soon after there was a bingo with the following awards:

    1st gift — 1 account registration with value for donations BRL 200

    2nd gift — 2 account registration with value for donations BRL 100 each

    3rd gift — 2 account registration with value for donations BRL 50 each

    The prize money above was used to donate in MMM Brazil System, the winners have already registered with the donation done. The goal is to motivate other spontaneous donations during the event.

    In the end delicious coffee break was served for all participants. At the end, several photos were taken with the participants.

    In this event 38 participants were present, including 25 requests for registrations, 10 donations, 9 participants were already registered, 4 did not accept to register in the community. People were quite excited about the system.

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