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    On 12/08/16 I organized offline event where the community was presented to invited guests at the reception. We also celebrated birthday of a person who had arrived that day from a long trip. In the event participated 34 adults. I could not organize the dance contest because the day after I presented the opportunity to work with system, only 5 couples were willing to participate and as I had planned to do with 9 couples, I thought it might be not a good idea. I realized that I was wrong and should have organized it with 5 couples anyway. I have registered 2 people. One of those is guy, responsible for the lighting and the other one is his sister. They were really excited to participate. I bought food for 70 people, but unhappily I could each good results for the community, that I wanted. I will never request budget for events that divides people's attention again. I apologize for my failure and lack offline results.

    34 participants

    2 registrations

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