Official News 15.02.2018 Cryptocurrency hedge fund investment amounted to $2 billions

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    The cryptocurrency market continues to strengthen and evolve. Increasingly more investors are curious about Bitcoin and other digital currencies, which is logical, yet profits that can be earned by investing in this nitche are much higher than any other investment profits: in precious metals, large enterprise’ shares, property, and so on.

    $2 billions - in a year

    It is exactly this sum that has been invested in total by institutional investors (various credit and financial organizations) in cryptocurrency hedge funds since January 2017. This data was kindly provided by Morgan Stanely, a large American Bank Holding Company.

    In such a short period of time it is very considerable amount. According to statistics, from 2011 and till nowadays their total number amounted to around 100, whereas 84 opened last year.

    It is just the beginning…

    Kenneth J. Heinz - President of the HFR Company which monitors the most rapidly growing assets - stated that investors’ interest towards hedge funds, proposing solutions based on the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, keeps actively growing. It is explained by a high potential of the sector and, as a consequence, its great attractiveness for many financial market participants.

    Together with that, Heinz pays attention to high risks which, as he thinks, are typical for such investments. To sum up the observation, it should be mentioned that in fact, risks are present absolutely everywhere, but at competent approach to a case they can be minimized.

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