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    There are different types of taxes, but some of them are simply absurd. It’s one thing to pay property tax, and it’s another to pay the tax based on the number of windows in your house or for the beard on your face. According to Italian doctors, on the last day of tax payment, people have heart attacks much more frequently.

    7 interesting facts about taxes
    • In 1695, England and the Netherlands had introduced a law, according to which the citizens paid the tax based on the windows number their houses had. The more windows in a house the higher the payment. Payment sums used to increase 2-3 times for each window. Due to this the citizens started to seal windows with bricks.
    • The first U.S. tax inspectors had been regularly killed by the common citizen who refused to pay a tribute. They simply couldn’t understand for what they actually had to pay someone their hard-earned wages.
    • In Russia Peter the Great ordered to collect taxes for wearing a beard with a view to teach Russian people European manners. Such law had been valid until 1722.
    • If in Turkey you “rat out” a man evading taxes, you will be rewarded 10% of the sum of unpaid debts. Such kinds of denunciation have already become a real business for some people.
    • Belly dance is widespread in Egypt, therefore the dancers are imposed a “special” tax for practicing it. The state earns on belly dancing on average $ 265 million yearly.
    • Since 1993, Venice has been collecting a tax on the shadow from establishments that use awnings and umbrellas. This payment is for so-called shading of the state land by umbrellas. It’s absurd and nothing else.
    • The Netherlands legalized prostitution in order to levy taxes on courtesans. The state earns on it millions of dollars per month. The main thing that courtesans are financially profitable for the government which can easily neglect moral principles for money’s sake...
    As you can see, at times, the grounds for taxes are merely farfetched and immoral. It seems that governments make these grounds up that to bleed people dry. All is fish that comes to their net.

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