Official News 15.12.2017 How to Increase Your Brain Power

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    The MMM Community is building a new, fair world where anyone may find their happy ever-after. To become happy and successful, refine yourself. Most people operate their brain at a fraction of its power, while it can and should be developed. To do this, follow these tips.

    Get moving

    Sedentary lifestyle is your brain's worst enemy. A sedentary job and resting on a sofa in front of a TV — this is how most people spend their days. The blood cholesterol level goes up resulting in oxygen deficiency. It means the brain cannot operate at its full potential.
    Tip: Get moving. While you're at the workplace, have a five-minute workout every hour. Replace your resting on the sofa with a fitness machine session or a half-hour walk after dinner.

    Avoid drinking alcohol

    Alcohol have adversely affects neurons in your brain. These cells manage receipt and analysis of information by the brain. Alcohol makes a person dysfunctional even if it doesn't manifest in any way. It doesn't matter what beverages you choose — strong or mild. Both are detrimental to your health.
    Tip: Stop drinking alcoholic beverages. Take more carbohydrates instead. They are the main source of energy for your brain. Eat fresh fruit and veggies, drink milk and butter milk.

    Drink water

    Drink still water. It cleans and detoxes your body. Tea, coffee and other drinks are not counted. Fizzy drinks have a really negative effect. They contain carbon dioxide that is detrimental to human brain in high concentrations. It's a poison with delayed effect.
    Tip: Take at least 1 liter of pure still water per 30 kg of weight daily. If you weigh 50–60 kg, drink 1.5–2 l. When you're stressed out, drink more. Pure water makes no harm.

    Increase your brain power to achieve your goals faster. Join MMM, earn a high percentage of the help provided and attain success!
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