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    Welcome dear friends! :)) It’s the time to tell you about the latest events on our friendly MMM planet.
    Firstly, we want to underline that we continue to grow successfully; we are getting stronger and more stable thanks to you, our dear participants. Continue to provide help to each other actively and invite new members. Therefore, we will reach our goal faster, and will build a new fair world for everybody! :))
    And now, let’s review fresh news. Read, watch photos and videos, get to know what’s new happened in different MMM countries. As usual, we start with the news from the cryptocurrencies world.

    МММ and cryptocurrencies
    • Bitcoin continues its growth and breaks new records. Last week, this cryptocurrency moved forward and overcame the expectations of the most optimistic experts. The price of the first decentralized cryptocurrency reached the level of $16 000, and some platforms traded Bitcoins at the price of $17 000 or even $19 000 per coin! After the drastic hike, the rate of Bitcoin decreased a little bit, however it quickly returned to the high record indicators. Friends, we continue to call everyone to participate in MMM with cryptocurrencies as the benefits are obvious! :))
    • Bitcoin continues to prove to the world community its significance although mass media are constantly criticizing it. In this way, mass media spread doubts among investors who pay their attention to the cryptocurrencies. Therefore, in the recent seven years different informational resources including TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and online publications have predicted the death of the cryptocurrency more than 200 times. It’s curious that when the Bitcoin rate grows the number of critics increases as well. However, despite “malicious forecasts” it continues to grow rapidly destroying all the negative predictions. So, there are no premises to talk about Bitcoin collapse.
    • Some Altcoins don’t lag behind the “elder brother”, and its rate grows as well. Therefore, last week Litecoin price increased significantly, and now it’s traded at the price of $150. Other digital currencies remain stable, and show gradual growth. It means we can surely state that the capitalization of the cryptocurrencies market increases, and the whole market becomes stronger.
    And now, let’s make a short wrap-up of the events that occurred last week in different MMM countries
    • МММ Ghana and MMM Kenya are our continuous leaders by the number of the held offline events, charity events, workshops and presentations in different formats. Guys are constantly inviting new members and promote the Community. As a result the number of newcomers determines the stability and the efficiency of our Community. Last week, the guiders from these countries held 16 different events including charity events on behalf of MMM. We are proud of you. You can give lessons and spread the information about the system in the friendly and warm atmosphere. :)) In such conditions, the invitation of new participants becomes extremely efficient as the atmosphere is clear, simple and trusty. Guys, we express you our gratitude for your eternal enthusiasm and loyalty to the ideology of MMM! You deserve prosperity! :))
    • The active work for the promotion of the Community continues in MMM Peru. The guiders continue to hold meetings in the office and invite new people who still are not acquainted with MMM. The meetings are very efficient, and after them the number of our participants increases it means our system becomes stronger. Besides, recently the guiders have carried out a great event — the large-scale presentation of the Community with a high number of guests. The program of the event was really interesting and exciting. As a result, we got new participants and active PH. Well done, guys. Excellent work!
    • Besides the promotion of the Community, the guiders of MMM Peru make one more important thing — they distribute books written by the founder of MMM and our leader Sergey Mavrodi. His books are very interesting and informative, so they will be useful for every person, particularly for the participants of MMM. In case you haven’t read them yet, we strongly recommend you to get acquainted with his works! And we want to express our sincere gratitude to the guiders for their important and relevant activities! :))
    • The work continues in MMM Brazil. The local guiders constantly hold charity events for different social categories of the population. Last week, one more event was carried out. This time, the guys provided free help to the children with disabilities and their parents. Friends, your work deserves a great respect and boundless praise! You don’t only provide the financial help to these people but also give them a hope for the future and belief in the better life. You show that MMM Community remembers them and is ready to help at any moment. Guys, we express you our gratitude for your kind hearts and good deeds!
    • Last week, the guiders from MMM Australia prepared another informative video for the potential newcomers. Nevertheless, it will be surely useful for the current members. This time, the video explains how to multiply your own funds up to $500 000 just in one year. You can do it just in five steps with MMM. And it is real as you know that the opportunities of MMM are boundless, everything depends on your own desire and enthusiasm. Here is the link of this video:
    • Watch another useful video. Here is a fresh edition of interesting MavroNews.
    • The participants from MMM China continue to develop the system in the social media. The coherence of the members grows, and it’s extremely important for the stability of MMM. Besides, we are preparing something special for our followers in the social networks, therefore your activity is very relevant for us. Don’t miss it! ;-))
    • МММ Philippines works wonderful! ;-)) The participants continue to show high activity and prove the boundless potential of our Community. Last week, it became even stronger. People understand that the stability of MMM depends on the mutual aid, therefore they constantly provide help to each other. And obviously, they don’t forget about another important factor for the stability and efficiency of the System — its constant development. Thank you for being loyal to our Community! You continue to prove its firmness! It is very important for us! :))
    • MMM Indonesia continues to move forward drastically. The participants constantly provide and get help, and week after week the number of PH and GH increases significantly. It proves that our Community becomes more stable, as the stability depends on the activity of the members. Well done, guys. Keep it up, and everything will be wonderful! :))
    • Last week, the participants of MMM Zimbabwe and MMM India sent us a lot of Testimonials — and it is really amazing! It proves that the things are going wonderful in these countries, and the members show high activity. We are glad for each participant who got help and managed to make his dreams true. Friends, continue to provide help to each other, improve your welfare and live happily. You deserve it! :))
    • Compared to the week before last, the activity in MMM Turkey increased significantly! Last week, the guiders held several meetings with the potential members, and they were really successful. Day after day, the Community develops, becomes stronger and more stable. We don’t doubt that at the end MMM will reach new highs in this country and will show its significance. Friends, keep it up and be active. Soon, you will reach great results! We believe in you! ;-))
    To finish with

    MMM planet is moving in the right direction, and we are going to strengthen even more. The system develops rapidly, the participants are really active and happy.
    We are sure that the things will improve. The most important is to remember your own significance for MMM. Don’t stay indifferent, promote and strengthen our Community. The stability of MMM and your own welfare depend on you.
    We call you to provide active help to each other and invite new members to the Community using any available means. Tell your friends and acquaintances about us, publish posts in the social networks and on forums, hold skype conferences, carry out home meetings and meetings in the office, wherever you can do it. Every action is relevant for the stability of MMM! Remember that together we are changing the world for better! :))

    Thank you for staying with us. See you!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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