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    The МММ Community builds a new fair world. Everyone will do the things they love, become prosperous and happy. To reach success, strive for effectiveness. Three technics below will help make your day more productive.

    Maintain natural biorhythms

    Human brain can concentrate on a specific task for 90 minutes. After that it needs a 20-minute break, whereas full. Disconnect from any activities, sit in a total silence and think about nothing. If there is a problem with silence, put on headphones and listen to a relaxing music. Keep up such a routine, and the work effectiveness will increase twice at least.

    Alternate tasks

    Use this technique if it is impossible to maintain natural biorhythms. Every half an hour switch from one task to another. Even though one of them is extra urgent, put it away for a while and deal with something different. It is like when you are in a gym - first you train one muscle group, then another. So you will be able to trick your brain which will perceive switching as kind of relaxation.

    Take rest breaks regularly

    This method is more suitable for those who work at home. In the office, a boss will hardly let the staff have a nap - arguments in favour of productivity will not help change his/her mind. While at home there is no one to prevent you from getting some shut-eye for an hour, and if you are pressed for time - then for 10-20 minutes. It has been proven that a nap sort of restarts your brain: amplifies perception of information, boosts memory and concentration. By the way, try to get some sleep in the office during lunchtime anyway.

    Try to make each day productive, even days off - then you will definitely reach success. Participate in MMM, get high interest rates of the Provide Help amount and work on yourself!
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