Official News 16.03.2018 Way to the success: try to live according to the universe laws

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    The main goal of MMM is to build a new fair world where everybody will become successful and happy. According to the psychologists, people reach the success faster when they follow seven universe laws. These laws help to change the way of thinking and open the road to the welfare.

    Emptiness law

    If you need new things throw out the old ones. If you want to be positive remove negative thoughts from your head. If you want love and warm, stop the relations without feelings. In other words, find place for the things you strive for. Otherwise, your life won’t change.

    Circulation law

    Prosperity is like a river that moves forward constantly. It is always full of fresh clean water. So, what happens if you build a dam? The water will stop flowing. Put your money in circulation even if you don’t have a lot of funds. Therefore, you will turn on the richness energy, and your welfare will improve.

    Imagination law

    First, create prosperity in your head. If you imagine the picture and do it regularly it will surely become true. Accompany your images with emotions. Don’t look at the picture like a spectator and participate in it. If you attract more emotions the picture will become true soon.

    Ideas law

    Welfare usually comes to those people who are not afraid to make their dreams true. They are not lazy. Many times, people don’t realize the ideas that come to their mind. They just say - It would be great to do it in this way. Obviously, it would be cool. Just act, don’t dream in vain. Rolling stone catches the worm, right? So act and you will reach the prosperity.

    Rewards and receipt law

    This law can be easily expressed in the proverb - reap what you saw. When you give something to somebody you will surely get something back. If you give kindness you get even more kindness then. If you give eveil you get even worse evil. Don’t be angry, don’t shout, don’t attract negative. Be kind and friendly. These qualities will lead you to the success.

    10% law

    This law means that you should give 10% of your revenues for the charity. Decide on your own what purposes you will give it for. Faithful people bring money to the church but it’s not the only one possible way. You can send 10% of your income to the charity funds, give money to your neighbours, provide help in MMM. The most important is not to be greed and give this money from your heart.

    Forgiveness law

    Inability to forgive closes the way to the prosperity. People with hate in the soul can’t feel love and move forward. Just forgive people you hate. Apologize in case you hurt someone. And now forgive yourself for your mistakes. Let your hate go away from your life and reach welfare.

    You decide whether you need to believe in the Universe laws or not. However, they don’t contain anything bad, on the contrary help us to become better. Try to follow these laws and evaluate their efficiency.
    Participate in MMM, get high percents and strive for the prosperity and welfare.
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