Official News 16.08.2017 Who Are Collectors?

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    The global statistics related to loans is appalling: 8 out of 10 persons are indebted to banks, 20 % of loans is overdue, 10 % is unrecoverable and 8 % is taken to repay other debts.

    Gradually, people get caught in the “loan trap” and cannot get out of it — they become slaves to banks. Moreover, if someone cannot pay interest on a loan, collectors hired by the bank come to collect their debts. Who are these people?

    Collectors are like fight dogs

    All banks resorts to collectors' services. Collectors chase up debts from people who cannot repay loans. They are not interested in the reasons. They are like fight dogs: once they get their claws into you, they won't let go.

    Assume you owe 30 dollars to a bank. It's a small amount, but it's enough to be hunted down. If you missed your payments 2 or 3 times, you're looking for trouble. First, you will start getting calls with demands to repay your debts. Then, they move to more drastic measures and threaten you with prosecution.

    For them, even 30 dollars is a big amount. After all, 70 % of loans are less than 200 dollars. The total debt consisting of these small loans is quite bit. Therefore, even a small delay in payment is a big deal for banks.

    Collectors call you, your relatives, friends and acquaintances. They come to your house and office, wait for you after a teacher-parent conference at the school your kids attend.

    Collectors threaten you with court proceedings unless you satisfy their demands; they will make an inventory of your property, leave you penniless and won't even blink — it's just a job. Banks often resort to the services of “shadow collectors” who use more aggressive methods and might even threaten you with bodily harm.

    Steer clear of collectors with MMM

    All are equal in MMM — there's no top or bottom here. No one threatens you or your loved ones here. It's a unique community that is building a just world.

    If you're bothered by collectors, you can also get rid of them with the help of MMM — our monthly rates make it a lot easier to repay loans. By contributing to MMM, you get a chance to forget all about loans — you can repay them and never again get into debt with the banks. MMM offers conditions that are way better than with the banks!
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