Official News 16.09.2016 RESTART!

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    Dear participants!

    Everything is beginning, virtually, from scratch now. We took into account all our past mistakes and changed the rules a little. :))

    Thus, beginning from the date of the announcement:

    1. Only Mavro 30% remain operative (Mavro 50% along with Mavro-Extra are no longer available).

    2. All types of Mavro freezing are cancelled. At present, both Mavro 30% and all bonuses can be withdrawn immediately after the confirmation.

    The exception is registration bonus and a bonus for testimonial video -- all frozen amounts specified in the rules are still applicable.

    3. Referral Bonus is 10% now.

    4. A 3% bonus for providing help (via Bank) in rupees is abolished, instead, a 3% bonus for proving help in Bitcoins is introduced.

    5. All Mavro 50% and extra are recalculated in Mavro 30%.

    It means that the whole added percentage so far remains completely unaffected. However, from now onward, the growth rate of the Mavro mentioned above is 30% per month.

    We are looking forward to your understanding.


    MMM Administration.

    We Change the World!
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