Official News 16.10.2017 New rules for acquiring a Guider status

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    Dear participants!

    Due to the great growth and development of MMM in Brazil, it will be necessary to increase the qualification and training of the participants so that they can provide a more efficient support to those who are new member of the Community. This way they will become guiders.

    Follow the new requirements for Guider Status:
    1. Attend Guider´s School (that takes place on Wednesdays 09:00 PM, Brasilia city time);
    2. Take Selfie while watching the School (send it to us);
    3. Invite 10 participants to the system with at least 3 with donations made;
    4. Send us a photo of a home presentation, where you are explaining MMM to one or more people :)) (send it to us);

    **Photos (items 2 and 4) must be send together from your MMM login email, full Name to be printed on the Certificate and short description about your presentation (include date and location of presentation) to our email**
    [email protected]

    1. These rules will take effect on the publication date!
    2. All requests will be carefully analyzed. Failure to comply with the above prerequisites will imply the non-granting of the Guider Status.
    3. By submitting your photo, you automatically authorize us to use images to promote community.

    Do not waste your time :)))

    Together We Change the World!
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