Official News 16.11.2017 How 30 minutes a day may help you change life

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    To be prosperous and multifaceted, you should make efforts. Steve Jobs hasn’t founded Apple by birthright, and Sergey Mavrodi hasn’t created MMM in 10 minutes. All that requires time and energy.

    Nevertheless, 90% of people are prone to put their own visions on the back burner, complaining about the lack of time. However, to live out most of the dreams it’s enough to spend just 30 minutes a day.

    What the half hour theory is

    The half hour theory is a method that helps everyone reach the desired. It suits all people and is consistent with any timetable. Even though you have been busy for 15 hours a day, you can allow 30 minutes before going to sleep. Every day, during half an hour you fulfill a task that you choose yourself. Complicate tasks with the passage of time.

    For example:
    • You are dreaming of reading self improvement books. Every day allow half an hour for reading special literature. At this rate, in one year, you will read about 24 books, which is more than 90% of people read in 10 years.
    • You are planning to figure out how to participate in MMM using cryptocurrency. Give it half an hour daily. Today you have studied a guide, tomorrow you will create a wallet, after tomorrow you will already be willing to provide help.
    This will help you achieve set goals

    Choose various directions. Spend half an hour of your time on studying foreign languages or acquiring other useful skills. Use that period of time daily to achieve set goals. Deal with what you constantly postponed due to the lack of time.

    At first glance half an hour a day seems not enough, though it makes 180 hours a year. You will spend them profitably, while previously you have spent the same 30 minutes a day on social media news, empty talks on the phone or television.

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