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    Dear participants,

    Unfortunately, we have to announce a restart for Mavros acquired using cryptocurrencies.
    The reason is an unprecedented growth of the bitcoin price during last weeks.
    Everyone, of course, rushed to sell out their bitcoin-Mavros (to create Get Help requests), trying to sell maximum amounts for fear of an unavoidable drop in the price.
    At the same time, almost all members stopped providing help expecting that very drop when they could buy bitcoins (to provide help) cheaper.
    As a result, everything crashed instantly. So, we have to announce the restart and start everything from scratch. (Although, before that, things were going wonderful! In fact, this is a force majeure measure.)

    So, there is a restart for Mavros acquired using cryptocurrencies. (We point out: it concerns crypto-Mavros only! There is no restart for bank-Mavros!)
    All old Mavros (acquired before this announcement is posted) are frozen. We will gradually buy them back as the System develops.
    All transactions with new Mavros (acquired after this announcement is posted) will be carried out on the usual terms with no restrictions.

    Some amendments have been made to the rules:
    Mavros will now start growing at the moment the request is confirmed (not at the moment it is created, as it was previously).
    Consequently, bonuses will also start growing at the moment the main contribution is confirmed (the contribution bonuses have been charged on).
    Mavro 50% for the first PH amount are cancelled.
    Three-month deposits of two types are introduced: 40% and 50%. More details about that you will find in the WHAT IS MMM section.

    We're confident that these rules corrections (especially paragraphs 1 and 2) will significantly reduce the load on the System while also significantly improve its stability and let avod restarts from now on.
    As a matter of fact, restart is not the end of the world, it's just a restart of the System and nothing more — so there's no need to explain it further. Continue to participate and you'll earn it all back (even if you've lost something during the restart). It’s the most favorable time for the participation.
    By the way, please be advised that we has been working without restarts since 2015, i.e. approximately for THREE YEARS (2 years and 11 months, to be precise). Everyone has been paid during all that period, the System has been running like clockwork.

    Is 2 years and 11 months a long time or a short one? For example, standart Mavros 30% would have grown for that period almost by 10 thousand times! By ten thousand times! What bank could let you earn such a profit? Maybe in 100 years. Which seems unlikely. And there were also Mavros 50%! So count by yourself. Is it much or not.

    We would also like to remind you (just for form's sake) that everyone had been fully aware of all the risks and had read the WARNING which they had also confirmed by checking the relevant box in the process of registration.

    Hoping for your understanding,
    MMM Administration

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  2. Paula

    Paula New Member

    Hello, I would like to know how long the mavros will be frozen? and how will the old Mavros payments be, is it all or only the residual value? Will payments be weekly as in China?
  3. MMM Global Support Team

    MMM Global Support Team Administrator

    We don't have the all infromation yet. Right now only 10% of the PH is requested. As we will get information we will post it here..
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