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    Welcome dear friends! :)) We wish you a positive mood and want to share with you the events of the last week.

    However, firstly we want to underline a significant achievement for all of us - last week we successfully overcame a new boundary, and the number of MMM participants all over the world exceeded 250 mln! Friends, it’s great news and we sincerely congratulate you on this fact and wish you further growth and prosperity! :))

    Our Community continues to gain the momentum and move forward towards our main goal - building a new fair world for everybody. Already more than 250 mln of participants have united in MMM in order to help to each other and improve their own welfare. And you are among them. Just imagine this figure! And it’s still far away from our real capacities! ;-))

    We express our gratitude to each of you. Thank you for the loyalty to our ideology and your desire to change the world for better. We believe that thanks to your efforts and unity, we will be able to reach the best results. It just can’t be otherwise! ;-))

    And now, we will tell you about the events that occurred on our MMM-planet last week. We will also share with you the news from the cryptocurrencies world and analysis of the cryptocurrencies market.

    Analysis of the cryptocurrencies market

    From the February, 5th to February, 11th the cryptocurrencies market experienced only one complicated day - February, 6th. After that, the market changed and the gradual growth with little correction started. At the end of the week, almost all cryptocurrencies became more expensive than in the beginning of the week.
    • Bitcoin. On February, 5th the price of Bitcoin increased up to $8 000 but already on Tuesday it decreased to $6000. The decrease of Bitcoin rate was accompanied by the announcement of BIS management - organization that unites the chiefs of the Central banks from all over the world. The head of BIS said that Bitcoin is the combination of the Ponzi scheme, bubble and ecological disaster. Such a strange evaluation has probably forced some investors to stop using Bitcoin, and consequently the rate decreased.
      Besides, that day the stock markets of USA, Asia and other countries experienced drastic decrease. It affected the mood of the investors. People even started to discuss the start of a new global economic crisis. However, the crisis didn’t occur. On February, 7th the senate of USA provided its support to Bitcoin. During the session, for the first time the topic of Bitcoin was discussed. Generally, the senators gave positive evaluation to this cryptocurrency. It really encouraged cryptocurrencies market, and the Bitcoin rate started to grow.
      On Saturday, the price exceeded $9 000, then it fell to $8 000 due to the news about the hack of the stock exchange BitGrail. However, it had no significant impact on Bitcoin, the rate became stable and fixed at the level of $8000 - 8500 till the end of the week.
    • Ethereum. The dynamics of Ethereum rate experienced drastic fall on Tuesday when it fell to $570. However, the rate fixed quickly and returned to the previous positions. On February, 10th Ethereum reached its maximum rate of $910. After the announcement about the new hack of the stock exchange, the rate of Ethereum stopped at the level of $850.
    • Litecoin. Last week, Litecoin followed the common cryptocurrencies dynamics. Its price increased by $50 on February, 7th and reached $155. It occurred fue to the good news from the US Senate, and besides, the payment service Aliant Payment Systems announced the start of Litecoin payments. The significant growth was also observed on February, 10th - up to $166 but already on February, 11th Litecoin fell to $145 as after the hack of Coincheck NEM coins wre converted in Litecoin. However, after this news Litecoin rate became stable and stayed at the level of $155.
    • Bitcoin Cash. Before February, 8th Bitcoin Cash experienced a difficult period, however after February, 8th the growth was very successful. Before February, 8th Bitcoin Cash couldn’t overcome the level of $1000. However, already on February, 8th the rate started to grow reaching $1200. In total, the price grew by 25% in 3 hours! It happened because that day Bitcoin Cash started to be used as the main currency in the popular payment system BitClub Network. After another growth up to $1400, Bitcoin Cash stopped at the level of $1200 at the end of the week. By the way, such a drastic growth can occur with other cryptocurrencies as well as the players prefer to use different coins and encourage new tendencies in the market.
    • Dash. The price of Dash experienced significant fluctuations compared to other cryptocurrencies. Dash price decreased from $580 to $380. After that, it started to grow and reached the level of $668. After that, the price of this cryptocurrency fluctuated at the rate of $600-620. Generally, last week was successful for Dash although there were no significant news regarding this currency.
    • Monero. Last week, Monero followed the general trend at the cryptocurrencies market - it decreased on Tuesday (to $149), and increased on February, 10th. At the end of the week it experienced gradual correction. The price at the end of the week (about $247) was higher than at the beginning of the week. Obviously, it’s a good news for the investors.
    Our forecast:

    For the moment, the cryptocurrencies market remains stable. Last week, the market tendencies changed and cryptocurrencies started to grow with small fluctuations.
    The main threats for the cryptocurrencies market are the actions of the authorities that can approve new strict laws. Besides, hackers can try to hack stock exchanges once again and withdraw even bigger amounts of money.

    Nevertheless, if nothing extraordinary happens, the prices for cryptocurrencies are expected to grow gradually. Besides, many investors expect that after the Chinese New Year (after February, 16th) the growth will accelerate and Bitcoin will break new records!
    Note: analysis of the cryptocurrencies market is just our review and our own forecast. It’s just our opinion. We don’t guarantee that these forecasts will occur.

    МММ and cryptocurrencies
    • After the continuous correction with the downgoing tendency, the cryptocurrencies market started to recover quickly. Particularly, it’s easy to no note at the background of many world indexes and prices for the raw materials. As we can see, bubbles can blow even in the traditional financial market. Despite sceptic forecasts of the cryptocurrencies adversaries, Bitcoin and TOP-100 altcoins are growing step by step. According to the Coinmarketcap statistics, all digital currencies from the first TOP-100 are already profitable. Consequently, the total capitalization of the cryptocurrencies market is increasing constantly. As you can see, cryptocurrencies showed its stability despite negative factors including rumors that are being disseminated in order to undermine trust to the digital assets. Therefore, we call you to keep calm and participate in MMM with cryptocurrencies! :))
    • Mass media state that US congressman from Tennessee Jason Paul offered to legalize digital currencies and smart contracts. Jason said he feels decisive and wants to manage this issue in the nearest future. He believes Blockchain technology has a great potential despite the current instability of the cryptocurrencies market, and Tennessee must support this progressive innovation.
    • Last week, in another US state, Arizona, the deputies approved the bill about the payment of taxes with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. It was supported by 16 senators, and 13 voted against. Therefore, the bill was approved, and now the document will be reviewed by the next instance. This is an important step for the legalization of cryptocurrencies and its massive usage.
    • Popular financial economic magazine Forbes published the list of cryptobillionaires that included 19 people. According to the magazine, the cryptocurrencies capital of the TOP-10 of the list exceeds $1 000 000. The leader of the list is Chris Larsen - co-founder and former executive director of Ripple Labs. His capital is estimated as $4 000 000. The second position belongs to the co-founder of Ethereum Joseph Lubin, the third place - Chanpen Jao - organizator and chief of the cryptocurrencies stock exchange Binance. At the lower positions, appear popular cryptocurrencies players and private investors - brothers Winklevoss, Brian Armstrong, Mathew Mellon, Mike Novogratz, Vitalik Buterin etc.
    And now, let’s make a short wrap-up of the news that occurred in different MMM countries last week
    • We are extremely pleased with the development of the structure LA GLOBAL! :)) The number of participants is growing day after day, everybody feels happy, positive and optimistic! The main news - soon we are going to launch guiders school, and that’s another advantage that will encourage the promotion of the System. It is free of charge, and anyone can enroll in the school and get new useful knowledge - how to invite new members, build structures and get good bonuses. Guys, be active, start to act decisively right now. You will surely reach the success. We believe in you! ;-))
    • Last week, leaders from MMM India carried out several large-scale charity events for the poor citizens of Jaipur city, state Rajasthan and nearby villages who lived outdoors. The nights are quite cold there, therefore our active guiders decided to provide local citizens 5 000 warm blankets! Besides, they provided 1 000 blankets to the children from the orphanages! :)) Now, local citizens will live better, therefore they won’t get ill so frequently as earlier. We express our gratitude to all Indian leaders. Thank you for your care, it’s very important. We appreciate you follow MMM ideology and help those who really need it. Well done!
    • The guiders from MMM Australia continue to shoot tutorial videos about cryptocurrencies and its usage. This time they created a video named: “Secure places to store Ethereum”. In the video, they explain TOP-5 ways to store Ethereum - several popular desktop and online wallets that can help to multiply cryptocurrencies - MMM PO. Here is this video:
      Guys, thank you that you continue to promote MMM. Well done, your work is really relevant for strengthening the system. Keep it up! :))
    • A new cool Mavronews edition is already available. Enjoy watching!
    • Last week, the activists from MMM Indonesia held several offline events. The meetings with the potential members were held in different formats in the positive atmosphere. The organizers told the guests about MMM, our ideology and reasons to join the Community. As a result, new active members joined MMM and started to provide help. Well done, guys! You perfectly understand the work of the system, therefore you show excellent results and attract newcomers. Keep it up! ;-))
    • The system continues to develop in MMM Zimbabwe. The number of Testimonials compared to the last weeks increased drastically. People provide and get help actively, send us a lot of gratitudes. Everybody feels great! The things are going wonderful! Friends, we are really satisfied as the happy future depends on each of you. However, don’t forget that everything depends on you, be active and improve your own welfare. We will surely help you! :))
    • МММ Philippines continues to maintain leadership. The system works here for a long time - well done!!!! :)) The main news of the last week - now, the citizens of Philippines can provide and get help not only via banks and Bitcoin but via TOP altcoins. Without any doubts, it will help to develop the Community in the country and simplify the interaction between participants as well as attract more newcomers to MMM. Friends, we wish you further successes and prosperity! We wish you kindness and positive! :))
    • Participants from MMM China started their last preparations to the Spring Celebration - Chinese New Year that will occur on February, 16th. Once again, we wish all the best to our members from China. Don’t forget about gifts from MMM - New Year special offer and draw in the social media related to these holidays. You really deserve it! Guys, we wish you positive mood and welfare! :))
    • In MMM Kenya, MMM Ghana and MMM Nigeria the system continues to develop. Last week, new members joined the community in these countries. MMM is gaining its momentum but the speed of the development depends on each of you, dear friends!
    • Your activity and consciousness determine the stability and efficiency of the Community. Therefore, we call you to provide help to each other actively and invite new members: call your friends and acquaintances, tell them about us in social networks and on forums, hold offline events as you can do it excellent! You have been the leaders in our system for a long time. So, don’t give up, apply more efforts for the development of the community. You will surely reach the highest results. We wish you success! :))

    Happiness Letters

    Every day, we get a lot of Testimonials from our glad members. Ordinary people as you and us, express their gratitude to MMM. MMM helped them to improve their lives, make their dreams true. We are really pleased with your feedback as your letters express the essence of our ideology based on the principles of kindness and justice. Watch Testimonials from our participants from different countries and send us your letters.

    To finish with

    The MMM Community develops drastically and reach new highs. We already have 250 mln of participants, and that’s great. Just 1/30 of the whole population of our planet. And that’s only the beginning! ;-))

    We are not going to slow down, we will do our best for the further development. We have no doubts that the whole world will soon unite in MMM, and the world will become wonderful for each ordinary person!

    We strongly believe in our ideology and call you to participate actively. Help to develop MMM in any possible ways, therefore we will reach our common goal faster, and the justice will prevail! :))

    Thank you for staying with us, see you next week!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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