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    MMM members support each other financially and receive a steady monthly income at the same time. To consolidate their progress and provide for themselves and their families for a lifetime, a lot of our members launch their own businesses.

    With MMM, you'll see it's easy to save up for a business. However, saving up and starting a business is not enough — it's important to develop it which is not something anyone can do. Some lose to competitors, others cannot bear the moral coercion, still others don't have the stamina.

    Don't do business if:
    • You don't have enough startup capital. To start a business, you need money. You can easily save up by joining the MMM Community. However, you must make sure you have got enough: calculate the amount you need to start a business and save up another 20–30 % on top of this amount as a reserve just in case.
    • You don't have enough time. Having your own business is not a part time employment. You cannot become a successful businessman if you work on your business on weekends only.
    • You have no desire to study the market and make a business plan. Before you start a business, you must gather intel on your competitors, study supply and demand for products and services, purchasing power, etc.
    • You have faults that are incompatible with business. Lack of character, laziness, lack of discipline, sluggishness and lack of intelligence make a recipe for disaster.
    • You have no knowledge of entrepreneurship and you don't want to study. A businessman must have a good handle of business practices if they want to make profit. To achieve this, study new materials regularly and work on yourself.
    • You lack self-confidence. Confidence in your own abilities makes up 50 % of success. A self-confident person will surely reach their goal.
    By joining the MMM Community, you will easily save up for a startup capital. While you are saving up, come up with an idea, study the market and read books on entrepreneurship to become a successful businessman yourself real soon!
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