Official News 17.10.2016 Address to the Pariticpants of MMM East Africa

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    Dear participants!

    Unfortunately, the situation is still quite difficult. Of course, it is improving, but not nearly as fast as we would like.

    In this regard:
    1. For all Mavro acquired prior to August 10, a 1% discount rate is introduced.
    2. What does it mean? It means that you can either immediately cash-in your Mavro for 1% of their cost, or keep them on in the hope that the rate will grow. The choice is yours.
    3. For all Mavro acquired during the period from August 11 to the 3d of October a 10% discount rate is introduced.
    4. The discount rate does not apply to Mavro acquired after October the 3d, and you can hold with them any operations on a common basis.
    Definitely, it is not pleasant experience, but we will overcome all the difficulties, and the System will keep growing! Just let us continue doing it together. Because the System is you! Provide help to others and get it by yourself. However, we remind you once again: there are no guarantees in MMM, therefore use only your spare money.
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