Official News 17.10.2016 At the request of the participants, we started MMM Extra!

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    Dear participants! The MMM community develops and grows, and we are pleased to inform you of the launch of the MMM EXTRA program!

    Get up to 100% a month with MMM «EXTRA»
    The main objective of MMM EXTRA is to encourage the participants to perform a daily and systematic work to promote the Community. By participating in the program, your MAVROs grow between 20% and 100% per month!

    To do this you have to perform online tasks in order to promote the Community. If you do the tasks every day, your MAVROs will grow 100% monthly. If you have not completed a single task during the month, the growth of your MAVROs will be 20%.

    What kind of tasks are they?
    The greater the contribution of MMM EXTRA, the more online tasks you will have to perform to get an additional 80%. To get the highest percentage, you must perform a different number of tasks depending on the amount of EXTRA MAVROs obtained:

    Less than 100 € - 1 task per day to get 100% per month (2.66% for a task).
    € 101 - € 500 - 2 tasks per day (1.33% for a task)
    € 501 - € 1000 - 3 tasks per day (0.88% for a task)
    € 1001 - € 2500 - 4 tasks per day (0.66% for a task)
    More than 2500 € - 5 tasks per day (0.53% for a task)

    For example, if your MAVROs EXTRA are € 101 - € 500, but you have only done one task, you will receive only half the maximum interest per day, ie 1.33%.

    Examples of online tasks:
    • Like or leave a comment on YouTube
    • Join the group or share a post on Facebook.
    • Share news in a forum.
    • Record your own short video and publish it on a social network.

    MMM EXTRA - a smart move towards the target!
    Start participating in the program right now, get up to 100% a month and make your own contribution to community development! With the MMM EXTRA program the Community will advance quickly and soon everyone will have a happy life!

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