Official News 17.11.2017 What’s it like to live a debt-free life?

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    The МММ Mutual Aid Community is building a new fair world where everyone will have enough money to go through a fulfilling life. The participants help each other and get high interest rate of their Provide Help sum. With such conditions, people cease to take credits and understand that a free-debt life is beautiful and multi-sided!

    What the freedom from loads gives

    People who are free of loan slavery live for their own pleasure. You earn and know that all the money belongs to you. You may dispose of it as you wish. Loans are evil that puts people into a desperate situation, creates depression and reluctance to live. Without loans you will be able:
    • To spend more money on purchasing gifts for your loved ones. When there are no debts, you can please your family more often. Instead of paying interest charged on your loan, give the people moments of happiness.
    • To entertain yourself. A debt-free person doesn’t save money on his/her own rest. He/she goes to the cinema, cafe, has a lot of fun. Having a rest, you can relieve stress, improve your mood and increase your life potential.
    • To take care of yourself. You will be able to become a member of a fitness club, a well-equipped gym, swimming pool; visit a beauty salon, buy new clothes. You will have time and opportunity to learn something new.
    • To travel. Without debts you may spend your holiday fully. There is no need to stay within four walls because all your money has gone on the next loan payment. You explore the world and experience a lot of positive emotions.
    • To give education to your children. Having debts, people are unable to provide for their children’s education. Consequently, many children have to look for unqualified jobs.
    • To sleep calmly. You will not be disturbed by collectors’ calls. No court officer will come for property inventory because of unpaid debts. Your nervous system is fine, you are confident in tomorrow.
    In case you have any loans, make sure to pay them back and don’t take the new. MMM will help you in that. Participate in the Mutual Aid Community and receive high interest rate - live independently and dispose of your money as you wish!
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