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    Greetings, dear members! We wish each one of you goodness and positive attitude! We're doing perfectly well which is why we're in a mar-vel-lous mood! MMM members are highly active. Therefore, everyone is paid in due amounts with no issues at all. We're on the rise and aren't going to stop at that. We're continuing to build a new just world for everyone! ;-))

    Thanks a million for all the contributions you're making in the development of the Community: by actively providing help, inviting new members, building your own structures, telling your friends and acquaintances about us, making posts in the social media and at forums… It's a good cause for the general welfare. Keep up the good work, and very soon the world will change for the better. It's already changing, since you've started to fulfil your life-long dreams, haven't you? We're really happy that MMM has made your life brighter, more interesting and successful! :))

    Now, as usual, we'd like to tell you about the last week results. First of all, we'd like to mention that the last week turned out to be intense and interesting — you're going to like the last week events. Let's start, as we always do, with the news from the cryptocurrency world and then move on to other things…

    MMM and Cryptocurrencies
    • Last week, many feared that China would clamp down on the Bitcoin and it's going to collapse, etc. With these rumors in the air, the price of cryptocurrencies plummeted. What was the outcome then? Like we said, measures taken by Chinese regulatory authorities were exclusively directed against non-licensed exchanges. No one is going to clamp down on the cryptocurrency as a concept. When this information was officially confirmed, the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies got back on track — to reach the new highs. It's another confirmation that cryptocurrencies have been, are and will be really promising. And using cryptocurrencies within MMM is convenient and profitable. Whatever measures are directed against exchanges, your MMM membership isn't going to be affected by it in any way. Therefore, fear nothing and always keep your cool. :)) If there's a real reason to fret, we'll let you know. Since there is none, you have nothing to worry about.
    • Interest towards cryptocurrencies is constantly rising — not only on the part of users, but also on the part of investment funds. Today, the number of investment funds oriented toward cryptocurrencies has amounted to 55, while the year before last we could hardly count several of them. The key reason for their explosive growth is the rapid upsurge in the price of many digital currencies. For instance, the price of Bitcoin in September rose by almost 700 % compared with a year earlier, while the price of Ethereum in the same period increased by 3,300 %. It is estimated that the number of investment funds will further increase by the end of the year. Well, there's a good chance it's going to happen since the price of cryptocurrencies continue to grow.
    • Some forecasts regarding the price of cryptocurrencies in 2018 have already been issued. Experts believe there's every reason for the Bitcoin to cost over 10,000 or about 20,000 dollars. The price of other cryptocurrencies which can also be used within MMM is expected to rise several-fold. If these numbers seem fantastic to you, think how much the Bitcoin cost early this year. It broke the record of $ 1,000. A lot of people sneered at those who were saying that the price of Bitcoin would rise to $ 3,000 by the end of the year. As a result, the Bitcoin passed the milestone price of $ 3,000 at the beginning of summer. It now costs over $ 4,000. That's the deal. Therefore, the price of Bitcoin amounting to 10,000 or 20,000 dollars is no fiction — it's realistic forecast.
    Below is a brief digest of events in MMM countries

    • MMM Brazil continues to please us with an optimistic and creative approach to the promotion of the Community. The local guides conducted a survey and found out that the Community has far fewer women than men. To remedy the situation, they made a creative video to attract the fair sex, and it has worked perfectly well. A lot of ladies are sure to join the Community now. Here's the video, by the way:
    • Moreover, Brazil hosted a really remarkable and important event: our members — a young man and a young girl — celebrated a wedding to become man and wife! Yippee! The wedding was joyful — and with MMM logos which particularly nice. Please accept our heartiest congratulations on the occasion of your marriage! We wish you prosperity and happiness! We wish you love and concord! :))
    • MMM Columbia and MMM Mexico are about to crack down on fraudsters and holders of multiple accounts. We've recently finished a “purge” of our ranks and an arrangement of new structures. We will now regularly run checks and implement efficient methods of protection against lawbreakers. All loyal members are now experiencing an emotional uplift — they are actively providing help, inviting new members and fighting for the fraud-free system. Way to go, guys! ;-))
    • MMM Peru continues to actively engage new members offline. Their office is always full — sometimes they don't have enough room to accommodate everyone interested. :)) Thanks a million to all guides for their great contribution into the promotion of the Community. Keep up the good work to help us achieve our goal soon — that of building a new just world for everyone!
    • Operation of MMM China has been both sustainable and incredibly rapid. Last week they secured a new record in terms of the number of requests where members were able to receive the entire amount in a day. In other words, people created requests to receive help and were sent the entire amount in the same day. Last week they had a lot of such cases, and the amounts were totally different — both big and small. It speaks volumes for the high responsibility of the system members. Well done! Breaking such records is unbelievably enjoyable! :))
    • Another awesome broadcast of Mavronews from Africa has come in. Don't miss it.
    • As always, MMM Indonesia is on the high horse. The guides have arranged a lot of offline events to attract new members. Even if they are not large-scale events and include a narrow circle of participants, they are still numerous and efficient. Informal socializing yields great results — we welcome more new members every day. MMM Indonesia remembers about charity, too. Last week they arranged charity events to help kids, women and the elderly. Thank you, guys, for your kind hearts and open souls!
    • The leaders from MMM Thailand also continue to hold warm meetings for people who are still unfamiliar with MMM. They talk about the vision of the Community and the good it does to each common person in a captivating and detailed manner. Thank you, friends. Stay active — gain momentum to make MMM even stronger. We believe in you! ;-))
    • MMM RSA is just as interested in promoting the Community. Therefore, it also arranges events to attract new members. They present information in a professional way: in easy and plain terms, with competence. This is why new members are eager to join the Community — we welcome more and more new members which is really good news. Guys, keep telling people about us and expanding our ranks. You're doing a great job!
    • This week members of MMM Australia watched an insightful video that compared profitability of Bitcoin, gold and Forex. They also learned about advantages of MMM Australia over all other methods of increasing their wealth. You can watch the video here:
    • Enthusiasts from Kenya are so positive-minded that they are overwhelmed with emotions and a desire to act. The other day they arranged a real Community Cleanup Day where they cleaned up urban areas — together, joyfully and passionately. That was awesome! After hard work, they all gathered in a room to discuss their work and plans for the future. We wish we had more events as awesome as this one — the planet would be in perfect order! Guys, you rock! :))
    • In Ghana, MMM leaders hold several offline events in various formats. These included get-togethers at home, meetings at coffee shops, official presentations and a football match. What a variety! By the way, it's not the first football match arranged by MMM offices, and it could become a unique tradition. Guys, you rock!
    • MMM Nigeria has sponsored drilling a water borehole in the state of Nasarawa. Thousands of people are about to be saved from constant water supply problems. Our leaders are doing a big and important thing. Even the mass media have already made note of the active charity work by MMM Nigeria and have published an interesting article. The truth is the press doesn't praise us a lot, so it's a double pleasure to read such a piece. :)) Read it here, too: We're proud of you, dear friends. You have shown the entire world that MMM takes real care of common people. Many thanks!
    • Leaders from MMM India arranged two large-scale food campaigns. As a result, about a thousand people from two villages in total were provided with everyday food supplies. Friends, it's a noble cause that also improves MMM reputation with the general public. This is very important!
    • Guides from MMM Turkey held several offline events where they talked about the Community in simple terms, its goals and the care it takes of each common person. As a result, we were able to welcome new members, and we're happy — the more members we have, the stronger and more stable we are. ;-))

    In conclusion

    As you can see, last week was really intense and interesting. We could go on with the overview of the events for hours since there have been more memorable events. But we limited ourselves to the most captivating facts, not to bore you.

    Our Community is based on mutual aid, and we're happy that our members from different countries keep that in mind and selflessly help those in need. Friends, yours is a good cause — you're taking care of common people, children who live in poverty and are deprived of quality food… Your actions are above all praise, it's a role model for the rest of us. We thank you kindly! We're really proud of you!

    We call upon all MMM members to follow the example of our activists. Arrange online and offline events, tell people around you about us — let them join us to build a new just world with us and increase their wealth. The more members we have, the faster we will reach our goal. Together we can do anything!

    Thank you for your attention. Talk to you in a week!

    Best regards, MMM Administration.
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