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    Here's a short summary of this week's events on the MMM planet. Do you want to learn about new and interesting developments in various countries and read news about cryptocurrencies, watch videos and photos? Then read this weekly digest!

    MMM and cryptocurrencies
    • Bitcoin capitalization has surpassed the market value of multiple big companies and financial holding companies. Thus, over the last week it outgalloped the following world's financial giants in terms of capitalization:
    Netflix ($84.5 bln);
    Morgan Stanley ($89.1 bln);
    Goldman Sachs ($92.9 bln).
    • The total market value of the world's first cryptocurrency could send it to the 15th position in Nasdaq and to the 58th position in the NYSE listing. It's a really strong result. Last week another record was broken, and Bitcoin value has approached the mark of 6,000 dollars while it's capitalization has surpassed $93 bln.
    • Bitcoin — the world's leading cryptocurrency — has been steadily coming into everyday life. In just 8 years of being around, it has achieved incredible results thanks to the limitless possibilities of the blockchain technology it is based on. Only a short time ago investors primarily used Bitcoin as the means to save up and increase their capitals. It's a perfect method to save up and accumulate savings — it's way more profitable than bank deposits, investment in equities, precious metals, real estate… Bitcoin has outmatched all of these. If you use Bitcoin to contribute to MMM — your profits will grow even more. Now Bitcoin is more and more used for settlement purposes in the course of financial transactions. It means that users now view it as both an awesome tool to save up and a profitable and convenient method to pay for goods and services. The list of goods and services paid for by Bitcoin most often includes: plane tickets, car rent, hotel room reservations. Bitcoin is not used as often to pay for the goods online, but it's still a lot more frequent than in the previous years.
    • A short while ago BitPay — the biggest payment system to accept Bitcoin — published a series of charts showing trends of cryptocurrency usage for payment since 2013 to the present day. Judging by the presented data, the number of transactions has quadrupled in the last year as compared to the previous years. Similar growth has been registered as regards values of processed payments. BitPay representatives say that if the trend keeps up, Bitcoin could soon become one of the leading methods to complete financial payments. Whether it's going to happen or not remains to be seen.
    • Other cryptocurrencies that can also be used to contribute to MMM continue to hold ground, too. Thus, Litecoin and Ethereum has continued to grow in value — and very rapidly — after some idling. It proves again the promising character of the digital currencies. They hold the key to the future. There's no doubt about that!
    Now we will tell you briefly about the main events of the last week in various MMM countries
    • As is tradition, we will start with a report about the “landing party” that went from Kenya to Egypt two weeks ago to launch an office of the Community. We're delighted to tell you it's going perfectly well! Our people have already made themselves at home in Egypt and have been doing the finishing touches to the paramount event. They have been distributing fly sheets with adverts and inviting all interested parties to the opening ceremony with the help of local activists. We have no doubts as to the success of the undertaking — very soon MMM Egypt will operate at its full capacity. Here's a small, but very positive hello from the “landing party”
    • Last week activists from MMM Nigeria conducted two campaigns which we couldn't praise enough! The first campaign involved help to children from a children's home. Deprived children were happy to get their gifts and thanked MMM in a friendly and cheerful way. We're delighted when the Community makes children happy and beaming. ;-)) The second, larger-scale campaign aimed to help people hit by floods. Our leaders had prepared plentiful food supplies that were shared among all of them. People were truly grateful to MMM for its support in the hour of need and said a lot of kind words about the Community. We, in our turn, would like to thank sincerely our Nigerian guides. Thank you, guys for your mercy and kindness!
    • In addition to their active involvement in the Community development, guiders from MMM Brazil arranged a large-scale charity campaign. The campaign aimed to help people who suffered in a fire that left 90 families without homes. Our activists distributed personal hygiene products to the fire victims and provided them with a gas stove while kids were also given nappies and toys. Thank you, guys, for not leaving those in need to their fate and boosting MMM's reputation in the eyes of the common people. This is very important for us. As for the Community's promotion across the country, the target audience could become wider thanks to a nice 3D caption card developed a short while ago. Guys, thank you again for everything you do! :))
    • All's well and stable at MMM Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia. Level of involvement is very high which cannot but make us happy. People continue to provide and receive help, thus fulfilling their dreams that seemed impossible just a short while ago. These dreams could remain dreams, but MMM got involved. We're delighted to know it! Dear friends, continue to help each other while developing the Community and increasing your personal wealth. We believe in you! ;-))
    • MMM RSA continues to gain momentum. Their active engagement has been growing noticeably with each passing week, and it's really great! It's a surge of unprecedented optimism and enthusiasm — members have got a positive vibe, they're full of power and determination. Dear friends, keep up the good work, and the Community will become stronger and more stable than now. Make it still stronger for the common good!
    • Leaders from MMM Australia continue to actively develop the system, and we're truly grateful. Last week they came up with a new interesting method to bring in new members — they created unique video digests based on payment screenshots from the Testimonials received from the happy system members. This way, potential new members can see with their own eyes and make sure that MMM does make payments. Thank you, dear friends, for coming up with new efficient methods to develop the Community!
    • Don't miss the fresh Mavronews issue released just a short time ago. It contains a lot of useful, positive and interesting stuff. As always. :))
    • Leaders from MMM Kenya and MMM Ghana continue to ramp up their potential in bringing in new members. As always, they arrange a lot of offline events where they tell people about the Community in detail and in simple terms. We will never grow tired of saying that we really like their way of presenting information: easily, in simple terms, with a humorous undertone. This relaxed atmosphere makes a good impression on the audience and encourages them to join our ranks. Keep it up, guys! Remain just as positive, optimistic and enthusiastic — it'll help the Community become even stronger and more stable than ever. We're confident it will! ;-))
    • MMM Philippines continues to prosper and strengthen. They're doing perfectly well: all members are positive, very active, in a cheerful mood. We can feel a lot of team spirit and ambition — this Community has been successfully working for over a year — it's a brilliant result! Dear friends, remain active — and you will become stronger than a monolith! ;-))
    • MMM India conducted a learning conference for guiders. The topic of the Conference was “MMM and Bitcoin”. The attendees were presented with useful information on how to contribute to MMM using cryptocurrencies and how to correctly tell Community's regular members about it. Conferences of this type are very important since they strengthen MMM. To develop the system efficiently, we must perfect ourselves in the first place. In a nutshell, guys are great! :))
    • Leaders from MMM Turkey continue to gather meetings to coordinate their activities related to Community development in the country. Last week they had one of the meetings of this type. Guys, you're cheerful and positive, so it's going to be JUST FINE. The key is believing in the vision, your ambition and desire to further develop the System.
    The Best Testimonials

    Now it's time to look at another portion of Testimonials from our grateful members! ;-))

    We're happy for each of you, for our main goal is building a just world where common folk will never have want for money and will fulfil their life-long dreams. We're happy that MMM has helped a lot of users whose dreams are coming true right now.

    Have fun watching the news! :)):
    In conclusion

    Well, this week has been busy. As always, we witnessed acts of kindness which make us really delighted. We're proud of the nobleness and generosity of those who selflessly help people in need. Dear friends, you're doing an important job while glorifying MMM. We would like to tell you a sincere “thank you”. We hope that other participants will follow your lead!

    We urge each of you to do something good whenever you can. And, of course, we urge you to develop MMM using all means available: by actively providing help, arranging online and offline events, talking about us in the social networks and at forums — wherever possible without breaking the rules.

    Make your small contribution to the development of the Community — don't be indifferent for MMM's stability is important to all members, you included. MMM is each of you separately and all of us together. Together we can do anything!

    Thank you for your attention and see you next week — don't miss the next digest!

    Best regards, MMM Administration
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