Official News 19.02.2018 National currencies demonetization enhances people’s confidence in cryptocurrencies

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    There are two ways to provide help in МММ: traditional money and cryptocurrencies. We recommend using the second way since it is more profitable, faster and safer.

    Demonetization is the removal of notes and coins of the certain value from circulation and also limit on cash usage when performing financial operations. A number of countries have already encountered such economic phenomenon. India, Venezuela and Pakistan are among them.
    Issues about the removal of some notes from circulation and restrictions on the use of cash are considered even in countries with highly developed economies. For example, such a situation exists in Australia.

    Demonetization is a direct attack on ordinary people

    Cash circulation among the citizens of a country is a vital part of the state economy. When there are restrictions on cash operations, people face inconveniences. In addition, the citizens lose a lot of savings when certain notes are eliminated if they don’t manage to exchange them at banks. Whereas the number of those who don’t manage that is considerable.

    Authorities force people to use cashless settlements or wire transfers. Such settlement methods are easy to trace - it is seen how much money and where has gone, it also should be mentioned that there is a big enough fee. This allegedly helps fight corruption. However the majority of population are honest citizens. They have nothing to do with corruption, but still experience great inconveniences caused by the authorities’ decisions.

    Cryptocurrencies are a wise choice of honest citizens

    Limits in using fiat money and the desire of the authorities to control every step of a common man push people to search for safe financial settlements. Such method is found already - cryptocurrencies.

    The desire to carry out anonymous untraceable transactions without intermediaries doesn’t mean specifically corrupt practices. In most cases it is natural tendency to protect yourself against frauds. Cryptocurrencies suit best for these purposes: transactions are anonymous, quick, cheap, and safe and made without intermediaries. There is no need to keep money at banks which periodically fail.

    Besides, as a whole, the cryptocurrency price is constantly growing, despite temporal negative fluctuations, which is a sensible choice for the long term investment. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and uncontrolled by anyone. They are the future. Participate in MMM, get high interest rates of the Provide Help sum and use a cryptocurrency for more convenience, safety and increase in income!
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