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    Welcome dear friends! We wish you positive mood! ;-)) We have prepared a fresh digest all over our friendly MMM planet. We will describe the events that occurred last week and invite you to join us.

    The things are going wonderful in MMM — we are successfully growing, refining our system, introducing new innovations for the participants. In other words, we are optimizing our work and moving forward constantly, so the things are going excellent, and everything will be even better!

    However, don’t forget that the stability of the Community directly depends on each of you. You are components of the same chain, and the solidity of this chain depends on your activity and consciousness. Always remember it and promote MMM in any possible ways — provide help to each other, tell your friends and acquaintances about the system, carry out offline and online events etc. If we have more participants the Community will be more stable and efficient!

    And now, let’s get started. As usual, we start with the analysis of the cryptocurrencies market and news from the cryptocurrencies world.

    Analysis of the cryptocurrencies market

    Last week at the cryptocurrencies market wasn’t successful for the enthusiasts as the dynamics of the price of different coins continued to deteriorate. However, new investors got a wonderful opportunity to buy coins cheaper.
    • Bitcoin. From March, 5th to March, 7th the price of Bitcoin was quite stable and fluctuated in around $11 000 although the decreasing trend started already on MArch, 6th. On March, 7th the price of Bitcoin experienced rapid decrease from $10 740 to $9 800. After that, the price of Bitcoin continued to fall and at some stock exchanges reached the level of $8000. Then, Bitcoin experienced light correction and fluctuated between $8 700 and $9 500. However, on March, 10th the rate of BTC decreased to $8 500, and only on March, 11th the price grew up to $9 300.
      Last week, there were both positive and negative news about Bitcoin. Therefore, it’s difficult to say why Bitcoin price fell significantly. Probably, there were several reasons. Many experts believe that the dynamics of the rate was affected was the rumours regarding hackers attacks of the cryptocurrencies stock exchange Binance. Another opinion is human factor as BTC grew up to $12 000, and the players decided to fix their income. It was very notable in Japan where large players started to sell Bitcoins for millions of dollars, and it caused strong decrease.
      Some experts consider that Bitcoin and the whole market started to fall due to the massive sale of the “digital gold” by the ex-director of the popular stock exchange Mt. Gox — Nobuaki Kobayasi. Since September, 2017 he sold Bitcoins in the amount of $400 mln. According to him, this funds were necessary to recompense the losses of the former stock exchange users who became bankrupts in 2014.
    • Ethereum. Already on March, 5th the price of ETH amounted to $870 but on March, 6th the gradual decrease began. On March, 9th the price reached the level of $657. On March, 10th ETH managed to grow up to $745, and then its price started to fall again. On March, 11th the price of ETH fluctuated in around $700-710.
      Even the announcement of Vitalik Buterin didn’t have positive influence on the dynamics of this cryptocurrency. Let’s remind that he stated the protocol Casper Proof-of-Stake (PoS) would be launched soon. It can be considered quite extraordinary phenomenon as earlier any progressive news from the Ethereum team had positive influence on the rate.
    • Litecoin. When the founder of LTC, Charlie Lee advertised his users about possible price decrease, the cost of Litecoin already started to fall. On March, 5th LTC cost more than $215 but on March, 8th the price decreased to $180, and on March, 9th the coin could be bought at the price of $160. Nevertheless, later Litecoin started to grow even faster than many other cryptocurrencies. As a result, the price grew more compared to the BTC rate. Till the end of the week, Litecoin recovered the price of $180 and continued to grow.
    • Bitcoin Cash. The rate of BCH also changed. Positive news had no influence on the dynamics of the exchange rate. Let’s say that on March, 5th provider of Bitcoin payments BitPay introduced support of Bitcoin Cash for the debit card BitPay Visa. It is not the most significant achievement but it’s a positive news. However, earlier BCH cost about $1280, on March, 8th it reached the level of $1040. During the next days, the rate of BCH fell to $1000. At the end of the week, the price of the coin fluctuated at the level of $1080.
    • DASH. DASH dynamics almost didn’t differ from the general dynamics of the market. On March, 5th DASH cost about $620. After that, the price started to decrease gradually and reached the level of $510 on March, 8th. Starting from March, 9th one coin cost about $40. Till the end of the week, DASH recovered its price a little bit, and on March, 11th the exchange rate fluctuated at the level of $510-520.
    • Monero. The dynamics of XMR was just the same. At the start of the week, the price was $370, and on March, 9th it fell to $250. Till the end of the week, the price of Monero fixed at the level of $270.
    Our forecast:

    Now, the cryptocurrencies market looks attractive for those who believe in long-term perspectives. Pay attention that according to the reports of the US stock exchanges regulator, large speculators reduce positions for the sale of Bitcoins. It proves that the traders are preparing for the growth of the cryptocurrencies price.

    Generally, we expect strong growth we already wrote about. However, it’s difficult to say when a new wave will start. Nevertheless, the price of many coins is still profitable as any purchase during the fall looks attractive.

    However, investors who count on short-term investments should be careful, the market hasn’t recovered after the fall, and the volatility can be very high. The growth or decrease can occur at any moment.

    Note: this analysis of the cryptocurrencies market is just the review and our forecast. It’s our opinion. We don’t guarantee as nobody can give you guarantees concerning the trustworthiness of our forecasts.

    МММ and cryptocurrencies
    • Blockchain technology was used for the first time during the presidential elections in the African Republic Sierra Leone. With Blockchain technology, the organizers of the elections assured honesty during the calculation of votes. Blockchain nodes had to record the data and included Red Cross, Higher Technical School of Lausanne and Freiburg University. Besides, any person could monitor the process via other nodes that worked in the view mode. Such opportunity was realized with Swiss start-up Agora that elaborated the program during two years. According to the developers, now they negotiate with many other countries concerning the implementation of their program for the calculation of votes. Well, it’s a great step forward that will change the future of the whole world. The elections will be transparent and honest, there will be less fraud. Great Blockchain technology! ;-))
    • According to the mass media, cryptocurrencies became more attractive for the investors, even better than gold and securities. Generally, during the year, the interest to the digital money increased by 16%, to the gold — by 15%, to the securities — by 6%. According to the research carried out at the end of the previous year by Blockchain startup LendEDU, many American crypto-investors are convinced that in 2018 cryptocurrencies will bring a larger income than any other investment tools. 75% of the interviewed users are going to increase the investments in Bitcoin despite volatility of the cryptocurrencies market. Generally, the rate of Bitcoin continues to grow, and that’s great for long-term investments as they are not afraid of high volatility. Once again, we call you to participate in MMM with cryptocurrency in order to get a higher income! ;-))
    • Famous American vocabulary of English language Merriam-Webster has recently refreshed the lexicon — and added 850 new words and terms to the list, three of them are directly related to the crypto industry. These words are: cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICO (initial coin offering). The word “Bitcoin” was already added two years before. Let’s remind that it’s not easy to get to Merriam Webster. For that, the word should meet several criteria, it should be used during a long period of time both in oral speech and publications, it should be quoted and determine a certain item, phenomenon, object etc. As you can see, these words got this privilege and were included in this famous vocabulary. They are already actively used in the everyday life and determine real notions of the public life. The progress is extremely relevant! :))
    And now, let’s review the events that occurred in different MMM countries last week
    • Last week, leaders from MMM India carried out Mavro-festival in Aggartala Tripura — charity event supported by MMM. During the event, activists feeded 150 poor people — children, women and men. We are always glad when you are doing kind deeds on behalf of our Community. It is necessary and important, and we express our gratitude. Besides, leaders from MMM India don’t forget about the development of the System, therefore they constantly hold presentations and conferences for the potential newcomers. Last week, such events were held in two cities of the country. The organizers presented MMM to the guests and told them about cryptocurrencies. As a result, everybody felt happy! Guys, thank you for your activity and loyalty to our ideology! :))
    • Last week, participants of MMM LA GLOBAL celebrated International Women’s Day. This holiday is very important as it impersonates the fight of women for equality and freedom. We congratulate all women of our Community on this beautiful holiday and wish you welfare! Let’s underline that our Community struggles for freedom — financial freedom for all people on the planet. Millions of goal-oriented people from all over the world are ready to change their lives for better right now. It means we will surely reach the success! :))
    • Leaders from MMM Venezuela continue active work for the attraction of new members to the Community. Last week, our activists visited crowded places and came across the streets, distributed flyers with MMM logo among pedestrians. They distributed leaflets between pedestrians and explained them what is MMM, invited new potential members to visit offline events. It gave good results, we got new active participants who started to provide help. Well done, guys — excellent initiative, keep it up! ;-))
    • MMM continues to develop actively in Angola. Local guiders prepare MMM page for the launch of own page in the popular social network Facebook. That’s why we prepared colorful advertising banners. Friends, well done, we are sure you will reach the success. Your work will be efficient and you will be able to attract thousands of new participants to our system. Don’t stop, go forward and promote our mutual help Community. Everything will be MMM! ;-))
    • Leaders from MMM Indonesia are also active. Last week, they held a lot of meetings with the potential newcomers in different formats — business meetings in the cafes. It is very important, it gives positive results. Therefore, we thank our leaders for their creative approach. Keep it up, we believe in you and your opportunities! ;-))
    • MMM Turkey develops gradually, and the guiders are involved in the attraction of new participants. Last week, we prepared three advertising videos for the social media. This video explains how to earn money in MMM. Another video is related to the presentations and conferences called Goal — 1 million participants! One more video shows payments participants got in 2018. Well done, guys! Your work will give positive results, all your goals will be reached. We wish you success in the promotion of MMM! :))
    • The things are going excellent in MMM Australia! Last week, participants became more active — the number of PH/GH increased significantly compared to the previous weeks. And that’s the most important. We got many Testimonials. It’s super. If the person is optimistic there will be no obstacles. Optimism moves us forward, helps us to achieve new goals, improve welfare and see the future. We call you to move forward to the bright future without any financial problems. Together We can Change the world! :))
    • MMM RSA, MMM Zimbabwe and MMM Philippines show good results, everything is stable, calm, development continues. The number of PH/GH and Testimonials grows, the things are going excellent! We are happy that participants feel positive and goal-oriented. We are pleased to see that people are responsible for their own life and they build happy future with MMM. It’s right decision as nobody but we can take care about ourselves. Therefore, we call everyone to take control over their lives and change the life for better, and only you can do it. Move forward, and MMM will help you! ;-))
    • The activity in MMM Nigeria grows compared to the last week, and it’s great! The participants provide and get help actively and increase their financial savings. They trust MMM and know that’s the only one way to improve their welfare and obtain the financial freedom. Friends, thank you that you are loyal to our Community and its ideology. Together we will build a new fair world for everybody! :))
    • MMM China develops excellent, new participants join the system. For example, last week the activity increased by 10% compared to the previous weeks. If the things are going excellent, MMM will become stronger in this country and everything will be as we want! ;-))
    • Last week, we also published a new edition of Mavronews. Watch it here

    We continue to publish Testimonials from our grateful participants. Everyday we get thousands of videos from ordinary people from all over the world. They improve their welfare with MMM. We are glad that our Community makes people happy, gives you pleasure and hope for the better future. We express you our gratitude, dear friends! Thank you that you join us!

    So, here are testimonials from our grateful participants:

    To finish with

    МММ continues to develop actively and move forward. Every day new participants from all over the world join us. We are the Community of goal-oriented members who act decisively and help all ordinary people!

    In order to maintain our Community stable we call you to promote it — provide help to each other actively, tell your friends and acquaintances about MMM, write posts in social networks and on forums, hold offline and online meetings. Remember that MMM appreciates each participant including you. Our force and stability depend on you! Together we are changing the world! :))

    Thank you for staying with us! See you next week!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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