Official News 19.09.2016 Partial allocation upon Provide Help requests is a method of fighting fraudsters

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    Dear participants! We often receive your questions about creating orders while providing help.

    The two questions which often arouse the interest of the participants are:

    - Why don''t they receive orders for the full amount of the Provide Help request?
    - When will they get an order for the remaining sum and have the request confirmed?

    We have decided to clarify these issues for everyone. Here''s the answer:

    Making orders not for the full amount upon the Provide Help request is normal. This step is taken in the context of the fight against frauds.

    After having paid the control payment, you will receive first the order for the partial amount only (usually around 50%). It works like the second control payment. Those who have paid it are already absolutely reliable participants of our mutual aid Community. Please note that the second control payment is only one, and there are no any subsequent payments.

    Thus you provide help in three stages:

    1. The first control payment (5%-10% of PH amount)
    2. The second control payment (about 50% of PH amount)
    3. The remaining PH amount in your PH request

    As a result, the participants who previously became the cheaters’ victims via Get Help requests are being automatically matched with new senders from the list of participants, who made the second control payment, and who we are respectively confident in. Thus, people don''t encounter frauds several times in a row.

    - At present, the measure is introduced by us everywhere -- in all the countries. We first tested it in several states before implementing it universally. It has been working well in practice.
    - Participants have no harm from this measure -- only benefits. The remainder of the order comes quite quickly, therefore, the waiting period of the request confirmation is practically not extended due to this measure. Besides, the Mavro growth rate still has been growing all this time (and it is the most important! Isn''t it? :)).

    MMM develops and we are constantly improving the methods of dealing with frauds. We want to make the participation in the Community convenient and safe for everyone. Join MMM, get 30% per month, and create a fair world!

    Justice, kindness and honesty are no longer a myth or fantasy in the modern world, MMM made them a reality! Together, we will change the world!!! Long live MMM and Sergey Mavrodi!!!
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