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    MMM presentation at Phiri Hall-Soweto | MMM South Africa (10 october 2016)

    Guider Mfikiseni organized this MMM opportunity presentation in Soweto at Phiri Hall. His aim was to share the ideology and educate the attendees on how MMM connects the donator and the receiver. Despite the setback of the restart in South Africa people came in numbers to hear him speak out.
    MMM ideology is the key to understanding the aim of founder and leader of MMM the Russian Mathematician and computer programmer Sergey Mavrodi. MMM is not a bank and does not collect any money from its participants. It has no central account and there is no joining fee needed to become a member of this wonderful community. His intention is to create a fair financial world order and and help people become free financially.
    Guider Mfikiseni urged the attendees to join the community and start earning thirty percent interest on their Mavros. Mavro is the MMM system internal currency and they are equivalent to the South African currency the Rand.
    Provide help today and get help with more than the help you gave he encouraged them in closing.
    MMM Pays!!!!

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    MMM presentation at Secunda-Mpumalanga | MMM South Africa (15 october 2016)

    This MMM opportunity presentation was organized by guider Tony Mbewe. He invited the coal community of Mpumalanga to share with them the ideology of MMM. It was well attended and questions were asked by those who wanted to understand more on MMM.
    He went on and told them that this community was founded by a Russian Nationality Sergey Mavrodi in Moscow in 2011. There is the first MMM of 1989 and then came this MMM after a few setback. MMM-2011 was launched globally in 2014 and since then it has spread like wildfire all over the world. MMM is the leading online mutual aid donation fund and it has helped millions of its participants donate billions of dollars directly to each other.
    He took the attendees through the ideology and how one benefits from this social network. He emphasised to them that MMM is not an investment platform or a get rich quick scheme. It only saves to connect the one willing to donate and the one who needs help at that particular moment. It is important to participate with small amounts, most importantly spare money.
    Become a member of a worldwide community and start earning on your donations he encouraged them on closing.
    Together we can set ourselves free financially!!

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    MMM Presentation in Pretoria | MMM South Africa (22 october 2016)

    Addressing the attendees in Pretoria guider Millient encouraged the attendees to participate with spare money and invite more people to the community.It is not about money only but the intention is to make sure everyone is financially independent. The aim of MMM leader and founder Sergey Mavrodi is to create a free and fair world financial order.
    It's over a year now since MMM ca,me to South Africa and it has proved to be the best social financial network. We have enjoyed financial freedom and even those without jobs it has made sure they can afford a decent meal. MMM has seen to the less privileged its charities. We now understand it has come to stay despite the challenges we have faced we have emerged stronger and powerful.
    She encouraged them to read more on the ideology and follow it to its core and also participate safely. MMM is us and we are responsible for outcome in all we do.Let us have the system at heart and we will never go wrong.
    MMM Pays today and it will pay in the future.
    Forward ever, backwards NEVER!!!

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