Official News 19.12.2016 Merry Christmas dear participants of MMM! MMM Gift!

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    Every Birth of Jesus brings the wonderful moments, unforgettable minutes of happiness and blessing. We hope Christmas of this year brings you the achievement of all the luminous thoughts and helps to find the way to the harmony of soul and body.

    Usually we give Christmas presents, so we decided not to break the old and good tradition. (To be like Santa Claus :))

    So, we impose the Christmas action.

    The conditions are simple: Christmas Mavro that will be boughten from December 25 until January 1 will grow to 50% monthly instead of the 30% per month!!!

    Friends, hurry up to get help between December 25 and January 1 and to receive 50%!!! Share this news on its pages of the social networks, tell your friends about it. It is the big opportunity to increase the quantity of the affiliates! Do not lose it!

    Bless God and love each others!

    Kind regards,

    Adelina Rodríguez

    Administration of MMM Global
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