Official News 19.12.2017 5 Rules of Thumb for Self-Motivation

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    The MMM Community is building a new just world where anyone may live a happy and successful life. To achieve success, set life goals and move steadily towards them, don't give up when you face challenges and don't be lazy. Use these five rules of thumb to help you.
    • Cut to the chase. Don't focus on anything that distracts you from achieving the goal you've set. Select the key ideas, and cast aside all the rest. It'll help you relieve the pressure that prevents you from focusing on the main things.
    • Keep a “Success Log”. This diary that registers all your achievements is a great tool of motivation. Note down the smallest things you've achieved. Do it daily. In the evening open it and thumb through it — and take credit for what you've attained.
    • Celebrate your defeats. Have you experienced failure? Don't be sad. Mistakes are a sure path to your goal. You now know what you mustn't do. Your defeats are your teachers that make you more experienced. Analyze the failure and move on.
    • Read motivational literature. Read success stories of others. You'll see that anyone may rise to eminence. The main thing is following the planned course. Listen to motivating audio resources to boost your positive thinking.
    • Grow intellectually. Read useful books to gain new knowledge. Clear your thoughts of all negativity, straighten them up. Feel inner harmony and peace. You know what you're striving for — and you'll prevail in all certainty.
    MMM urges you to always refine yourself and move forward. Join the Community, earn a high percentage of the help provided and work on yourself! Together we will make the world a better place!
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