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    The MMM Mutual Aid Community makes monthly payments to each of its members as a percentage of the amount of help provided. It also encourages inviting new members, expanding structures, etc. With MMM, each member gets a chance to become well-off.

    However, the Web is full of conmen who pocket other people's cash. They could get a password to your Personal Office and transfer your Mavros to their accounts. Conmen use applications that generate passwords and crack codes automatically. If your password is too weak, you're under the threat of a hack.

    There are 5 categories of password complexity:
    • Very weak password. Even a novice hacker can crack this password. It usually contains letters or digits that are located in sequence on the keyboard.
    For instance: qwerty; 123456.
    • Weak password. This is a password containing letters (it's usually a word) or digits (it's usually a date of birth) that are not located in sequence on the keyboard. It can also be hacked easily.
    For instance: mavrodi; 010392.
    • Medium complexity password.This password contains letters and digits and is over 8 characters long. It's not easy to crack this password, but an experienced hacker can do it.
    For instance: goldenstyle1771; neverbealone45.
    • Strong password. This password is hard to crack even for an experienced hacker. It has more than 11 characters which are letters in the upper and lower cases (capital and small letters) and digits.
    For instance: sCorPionWins1572; MMMfOrEvEr77877.
    • Very strong password. This password would give a hard time even to intelligence services, not to mention the usual hackers. It contains at least 15 characters which are upper and lower case letters, digits and special characters.
    For instance:
    [email protected]_55278;

    To ensure safety of your Personal Office, use strong and very strong passwords. Change your password each 3 to 6 months. If you find it hard to create a strong password, use online password generators.

    Don't store passwords in a text file on your computer — memorize or note them on a sheet of paper and keep it somewhere safe.

    For further convenience and safety, use a free password manager — KeePass. It will keep your passwords in a safe database. Create a single universal strong password to access the software. With KeePass, you can use the same password to open any web-sites.

    Let's sum it up:
    • Conmen use applications for password mining. To protect your Personal Office, create strong passwords containing 11 or more characters which are digits or upper and lower case letters.
    • Don't keep your passwords in text files, note them on a sheet of paper and/or use the KeePass password manager. Change your password regularly.
    Follow these tips and contribute to MMM safely!

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    Security of the password for your MMM Personal Office guarantees security of your Mavros. To protect your Personal Office against hacking and loss of funds, use strong passwords. Learn more here.
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