Official News 20.10.2016 MMM Community development task: Like and share MMM video on Youtube

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    This week’s task is dedicated to the using Youtube for MMM promotion. It is very simple task, but it is efficient to draw public attention to the MMM Community. This task should be massively completed, so please do it for yourself and ask your MMM friends to do it too!

    Complete the task of this week and do again the previous tasks:
    1. Share Posts from MMM Nigeria Fanpage
    2. Conduct a presentation on WhatsApp
    3. Share your progress with MMM
    4. Change cover photo and add more friends on Facebook
    5. Create Group & Conduct Presentation on FB
    6. Create MMM Fan Page on FB
    7. Share 10 Facts about MMM
    The more tasks you will complete, the more referrals you will get and the stronger MMM will be!

    Like and comment a video on and share it on social networks.

    Step 1.

    Go to

    Watch the video, and like it.


    Step 2.
    Write a positive comment about the video. Express your thoughts about the song, and about MMM Nigeria; you can also talk about your experience of the participation in MMM and leave a referral link.
    02.png 03.png

    Step 3. Click “Share” and choose Facebook.


    Step 4.
    Write a comment, invite friends to watch the video. Add the hashtags: #song #video #MMM_Nigeria, or other corresponding hashtags.


    Click “Tag People”.


    Enter names of your Facebook friends, add them as tags to display your post on their pages.


    Choose “Share on your own Timeline” and “Public”. Post it.

    Step 5.
    Click “Share” and choose Twitter.
    Write a comment, invite friends to watch the video. Add the hashtags: #song #video #MMM_Nigeria, or other corresponding hashtags. Click “Tweet”.

    Step 6.

    1. Open on your computer.
    2. Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone and do not close it until you finish working with WhatsApp Web. Internet should be stable. To avoid additional charges, we recommend connecting via Wi Fi. Don't put the phone away..
    3. On Android: go to Chats > Menu> WhatsApp Web.
      On Nokia S60 and Windows Phone: go to Menu > WhatsApp Web.
      On iPhone: go to Settings > WhatsApp Web.
      On BlackBerry: go to Chats > Menu > WhatsApp Web.
      On BlackBerry 10: Scroll down from the top > WhatsApp Web.
      On Nokia S40: Scroll up from the bottom > WhatsApp Web.

    Scan the QR code on the computer screen with your phone.


    Now you can use Web WhatsApp.

    Step 7.
    Copy the video link.

    Step 8.
    Open the dialog box. Paste the link in a message, invite a person to watch the video, to like, comment and subscribe to the channel.

    Step 9.
    Copy the text of your message and send it to all Whatsapp contacts and all Whatsapp groups.

    By our efforts, MMM Nigeria will overcome!
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