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    MMM Presentation at Thornhill High school-Gweru | MMM East Africa (06 August 2016)

    Invitations were issued out to Gweru town folks to come to the presentation at Thornhill High School organized by MMM guider Ephraim Tagwirei. His aim was to share the ideology of MMM and how one can grow their money. MMM has freed millions of people financially through its donation exchange programme.

    Ephraim managed to capture the attendees attention by sharing his testimony in MMM. He has managed to make the most of the best of the opportunity presented to him. Some miss opportunities because of being sceptical, naive and spiritualising over the “triple M”. The problem is people do not know how opportunity come dressed up in.

    On encouraging the attendees he asked them to try this with as little as ten dollars and see what happens from there.

    MMM changes lives for better!

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    MMM presentation at Miriam House Hotel-Kisumu | MMM East Africa (06 August 2016)

    MMM guider took the news about the ideology of MMM and shared it with the community in Kisumu. He hosted the presentation at the Miriam House Hotel where quite a number attended.

    The main focus of this presentation was mainly to share the ideology and educate people on how to register, how to login and explore their personal office (PO). Once one learns to register on their own it becomes easy to invite more people and register them on their own. It makes the job easier and lesser on the guider’s shoulders.

    MMM guider Jacob Awili shared the ideology and went on urging them to join as this was the only hope and only possible way out of financial bondage. He explained on how bonuses are earned and that one can train and become a leader. So many opportunities open for us as a community.

    Long live MMM!

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