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    The МММ Community is building a fair world in which everyone will live happily and become prosperous. To achieve success, foster a sense of responsibility in yourself. This trait develops self-organization and enhances confidence in your own strength. Here are four steps which will help you to do that.

    Don’t look for excuses

    Irresponsible persons make up “evasions” to shy away from their duties. They are hindered by a family emergency, rain, headache or a running-by dog. Every excuse is a statement of the lack of responsibility. If a man wants wants to do something, they do.

    Don’t shift the blame to others

    If you failed an exam, don’t accuse a teacher of bias. You should confess that you didn’t learn a subject. In case you are late to work, the point isn’t in traffic jam (since it might have been foreseen) you just have left home late. You are one and the main reason of 95% of your failures. Realize your own weaknesses and change your life.

    Refrain from complaining

    Constant nagging is a way to nowhere. There is no point to complain about your boss or high prices. It is you who build your life. If you don’t like your relationship with a boss - try to get on the right side of him/her or quit your job. If you are not satisfied with the lunch price in a cafe - cook at home. Instead of complaining - change the attitude to a situation and look for the opportunities to change life. In fact, MMM is the perfect opportunity.

    Don’t portray yourself as a victim

    The world isn’t against you, you just react to the circumstances in the wrong way. Don’t think that people around you just wait for your errors. A policeman has fined you not because they wished so, yet you violated rules. Your boss hasn’t paid you bonuses not out of greed, but because you didn’t fulfill necessary tasks to get award fees. Let us repeat that in most cases you should look for failure causes in yourself, draw conclusions and not let the failures happen again.

    Responsible people are appreciated and respected in any society, including MMM. They are an example to follow and both success and good luck accompany them. Make sure to instill the quality in yourself.
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