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    Welcome, dear friends! :)) The second half of November has come, and another autumn week is over. We are ready to tell you about the recent events that happened on our MMM planet during the last week.

    Firstly, we want to congratulate you on an significant event — the number of MMM participants has reached the level of 245 mln! Well done! ;-)) This fact proves that our Community develops drastically and moves forward towards its goal — the construction of a new fair world for everybody. And this goal will be surely reached, the most important is the uniqueness of our participants and solid belief in the ideology!

    And now, let’s review the events in different MMM countries. We will start with the news from the cryptocurrencies world.

    МММ and cryptocurrencies
    • Bitcoin continues to break new records. On November, 16-17th, a new price record of $8000 was reached. It is a new historical maximum. Let’s remind that some traders and experts who don’t believe in cryptocurrencies, predicted that Bitcoin would fall significantly after the cancellation of SegWit2x — to $5000 or even lower. However, their forecasts were wrong, and the digital gold continues to strengthen its positions and becomes a real alternative to the fiat money.
    • According to the opinion of Ewald Novotny, the representative of the Austrian Bank , the cryptocurrencies market isn’t dangerous for the world financial system. The representatives of other central banks supported his opinion. He also underlined that investors who work with cryptocurrencies are subjected to the same risks as the investors who work with the assets in the stock markets. Losses are possible for the both categories.
    • A popular application Cash App for iOS and Android that enables to send funds to each other via email without any fees, started to test Bitcoin support. For the moment, the limited number of users participate in the tests, however the prospects are really promising. If the developers manage to make the transfer process easier and quicker, it will become an important step for the promotion of Bitcoin and its popularization as the means of payment for the purchase of goods and services. We hope, the developers will reach their goal!
    • This year, Bitcoin has reached wonderful results. And “crazy” forecasts of some experts concerning the growth of the price of Bitcoin up to $10 000 don’t seem so unbelievable as several months ago. Now, some experts agree that till the New Year, Bitcoin will reach the price of $10 000 per coin! :))
    And now, short review of the events that occurred in different MMM countries last week
    • The atmosphere in MMM Peru is wonderful! ;-)) Let’s start with the emotional video of the young girl who participates in MMM. In this video, she expresses her gratitude to the Community and Sergey Mavrodi personally. Here it is: These sincere words coming from the depth of the heart are extremely pleasant. Our main goal is to make the life of each participant better, and we will surely reach it! With such a great energy of our participants! :))
    • We also want to attract your attention to a high activity of the participants from MMM Peru in the popular social network Facebook. The guiders constantly report about their actions on their personal pages, and the results are really impressive. Last week, an interesting flash mob was held in the country, the participants painted large letters MMM on the asphalt of the city. As the result, it was a really original idea! :)) Besides, interesting presentations for the new members are constantly held in MMM Peru. The guiders have created an original advertising video for the attraction of the participants to the MMM School. Watch and enjoy it! ;-))
    • Another training course of the MMM School finished in MMM Argentina. The Community got 20 new guiders who started to promote the system actively. Guys, we congratulate you on the end of the learning course! Now, you know a lot of efficient ways for the attraction of new members and construction of their own structures — you will surely reach good results. We wish you welfare and prosperity! :)) And we remind that MMM School is free of charge, and the duration of the course is 11 days. This time, you will get new useful knowledge that will help you on your way towards the financial independence. So, join us and change the life for the better right now! ;-)) Besides, MMM Argentina carries out work with the potential newcomers. Argentinian guiders have created a new advertising video
      Friends, thank you for your active and efficient work, keep it up guys, and MMM will become even more stable!
    • The things are going wonderful in MMM Brazil! In one of the previous digests, we have already written about the inauguration of the special Center for the training of new participants. With new skills, they can use MMM opportunities and improve their knowledge. After the inauguration, the center has started to gain more popularity and now it works constantly. The organizers discuss different topics — the aspects of the personal growth, the principles of work of Bitcoin and participation in MMM with this cryptocurrency. Well done, guys. You help ordinary participants to understand many things, it is extremely important for the stability and prosperity of MMM. We express you our gratitude for your work and contribution to the Community!
    • MMM Brazil also holds offline events for the attraction of new members. Last week, one of the numerous meeting was held in the Evangelical church. It was carried out with the participation of the guiders and preachers, 80 guests participated in the event that lasted 4 hours. The communication was extremely vivid and pleasant, the organizers carried out coffee break and photo session at the end of the event. Friends, thank you so much for your active work you do for the promotion and strengthening MMM in the country! Together we are changing the world for better! :))
    • The attraction of new members continues actively in MMM Kenya and MMM Ghana. The guiders constantly hold offline events in different formats — in the business centers, cafes and on the streets. They tell people about our Community, its ideology and usefulness. Thank you guys, you understand how important each participant is for MMM. You continue to promote the System! We also express our gratitude to the organizers of the charity event for one of the Kenyan orphanages. The care about deprived children is a kind deed worthy of the largest respect. Guys, thank you for your mercy, you are always ready to help those who need it. And now, we ask all the readers of our digest — don’t forget about it, and do kind deeds. Help those who need it when you can do it!
    • Last week, the leaders from MMM Australia prepared a new tutorial video for the participants. They explained how to create the structures and showed how easy and simple it is. Any MMM participant can create his own structure and develop it improving his own welfare. The opportunities of MMM have no limits, the level of your income depends on you. Remember it, and be more active. Watch this video, it will be useful for everybody
    • Compared to the previous week, the activity in MMM China has grown significantly, and we are extremely pleased. Our Community becomes stronger and more stable. In short, China is gaining its momentum, and we are sure MMM will develop in this country!
    • The activity of MMM has increased in Zimbabwe. We have already said that the success of MMM depends on each participant, don’t forget it. And the participants from Zimbabwe are good guys. And the participants in Zimbabwe are good guys. We call everyone to be active, provide help to each other and invite new members to the Community. It’s really great for the stability of MMM and improvement of the personal welfare!
    • The things are going excellent in MMM India and MMM Philippines. The participants provide help to each other and get their payments regularly. The activity increases, and it is great! Let’s remind that our Community in Philippines works stably more than a year that proves the unlimited power of the people united by the mutual help. The most important is to be active and promote the System, inviting new members. Therefore, everything will be great! ;-)) The past week was excellent. Keep it up, guys. We believe in you!
    To finish with

    The MMM Community gives people a wonderful chance to change their lives, improve their welfare, make their dreams true, do things they like and reach the success. It would be wrong to miss this chance. It’s necessary to benefit from all opportunities our destiny gives us. Otherwise, you can simply live your life in vain without any positive results. Do you agree? So, act right now! :))

    Participate in MMM actively — provide help to other participants, and get high return. Invite new members, build structures and get wonderful bonuses. Become financially independent and rule your own life, change it for better! Use the chance that MMM gives to everyone!

    Thank you for staying with us! See you next week!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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