Official News 21.08.2017 How Do You Do Charity?

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    The MMM Community has set a goal of changing the world. Each Community member can become financially independent by receiving a high percentage of each help amount on a monthly basis.

    Helping others is the basis of the MMM vision. This is why Community members arrange charity events on behalf of the Community to help poor families, orphans, retired persons and others in need.

    A lot of people would like to help those in need, but there's a problem of mistrust. It's sometimes hard to understand whether money will really be spent on a good cause. You may give a sweater to a homeless person — they will sell it to buy more booze. You may donate money to a charity fund — it will end up with thieves. What is the right way to help those in need?

    There are several types of charity:
    • Helping directly. A person asks for money to pay for a treatment or to solve other problems. To raise funds, they publish their details in social networks or other resources. You transfer money, and they spend it at their own discretion. This raises two issues. The first is that it's hard to understand whether this person really needs the money. What if it's just a swindler playing with sympathies of other people? The second is that this help is spontaneous and only plays out for one person. Millions of other people are left with their problems unsolved.
    • Helping via funds. You transfer money to an organization that redirects it to those in need. There are funds that help young oncology patients, orphans, etc. Helping funds is more efficient than directly helping those in need. When funds lack the money, millions of sick and disadvantaged people are affected.

    What is the right way to help funds

    There are 2 options:
    • Helping with money. Funds need money to achieve specific goals: to pay for a sick kid's surgery, buy food for the homeless, repair roof at a senior center. They also need money for statutory goals: payments to employees, doctors, landlords. They need money for all kinds of purposes. The more money a fund has, the more influence they can exercise. Powerful funds are capable of solving serious social issues: they can find employment for the disabled, help orphaned kids find a family, etc.
    • Helping by doing. If you can't or don't want to help with money, help by doing something. Funds need the following: transfer a patient to a clinic, donate blood, help in arranging an event… Buy food for an animal shelter or buy training equipment for a rehabilitation center. Donate clothes you don't need that can be given to those in need by fund employees. Try being a volunteer. Making the first step is easy — make a call and find out how you can help.

    What amount can you help with?

    Charity is all about doing it regularly. Donate small amounts, even if it's just 10 dollars a month. It could be even less. Regular monetary support helps the fund forecast the inflow of funds, thus solving more problems. It's best to donate a little, but regularly.

    What fund should I support?

    Select the funds where you can monitor the flow of funds. Honest funds publish receipts or documents that confirm their charity work on their official web-sites.

    To make sure you don't donate to fraudsters, look through documentation on the official web-site, talk to the managers and those who already donates to charities. 90 % of funds are honest. There are 10 times more fraudsters among those who publish their details in social networks and ask for direct help.

    Where can you get money for charity purposes?

    By contributing to MMM, you will earn a percentage of each help amount on a monthly basis. Donate at least 5 % of the money you earn to charity, and you will save dozens of thousands of lives.
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