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    Dear members of the MMM Mutual Aid Community! Hello! It's time to share some news with you, so here comes a fresh weekly digest.

    We're growing rapidly and actively, getting stronger, moving only forward. As always, in the past week we've had a lot of interesting and positive events we're now going to tell you about.

    Since MMM and cryptocurrency are now inextricably linked, we've decided to publish more information about the Bitcoin. As was the request of some of our loyal leaders. :))

    Here we go!

    We will first start with the Bitcoin:
    • August 21 saw a successful activation of the much anticipated SegWit — a Bitcoin scaling application that has increased the cryptocurrency's capacity two-fold. It is now up and running. It has opened a new chapter in the Bitcoin's evolution. Yay!
    • In the context of SegWit activation, a great deal of users have been waiting for a rise in the cryptocurrency rate. Now the Bitcoin has become stronger and, therefore, more valuable. Experts of the cryptoworld cite another example — the Litecoin cryptocurrency that became two times more expensive 4 months after the activation of SegWit support. Hence, we're expecting the Bitcoin price to go up, too.
    • By the way, this year the Bitcoin price has surpassed all expectations. Compared to a year earlier, the Bitcoin price has risen by approximately 600 %, while in the last 100 days its exchange rate has grown by another 150 %. Six months ago (on the St Valentine's Day), the Bitcoin price was a little more than 1,000 dollars — now it's over 4,000. It should be noted that in 2017 the Bitcoin profitability is 60 times higher than that of Standard & Poor 500 (an index that includes 500 leading American corporations).
    Let's now turn to MMM countries:
    • All of India wished Sergey Mavrodi a happy birthday! Our members from different regions of the country blew out the candles on the cake to celebrate our leader's 62th birthday. Last week we received videos that have now been published in this digest! It's really nice! :))
    • As always, all countries hosted a lot of offline events related to MMM. Do you remember how we singled out Ghana, Kenya and Turkey last week? Guess what: guys from these countries have no plans of taking it easy. Last week each of these countries had at least 4 awesome offline events. We're so proud of you! ;-))
    • The Brazilian team has created two more fabulous 3D images with MMM brand marks to be used by our members to promote the Mutual Aid Community. One of these images can be found in the Digest section “Photos and Videos”. Our experienced Brazilian guides have also volunteered to help in developing MMM Angola. Their valuable tips will contribute to a fast growth of the Community in this country.
    • Mexico has opened a brand new MMM office. Actually, it's not so much an office as a place to arrange various events for the Community. It will host offline presentations and MMM School sessions.
    • In Peru, MMM events are still packing the house. MMM popularity has been growing at an epic rate. Schools can hardly print out certificates on time due to an epic rush of students. That's the way to go! :))
    • We would like to compliment leaders from MMM China. At the beginning of the year we completed re-attestation of leaders in China, and we can now see the results. The difference between “before” and “after” is more than visible. :)) It's so nice to see a really high qualification in experts who work for the good of the entire System. Well done!
    • A gorgeous event was arranged in Ecuador. Our guides travelled to the Devil's Nose in Santo-Domingo. It's a very popular site. The guides climbed the top of the mountain and arranged a photo shoot of a car with our banner.
    • Last week, one of regular members at MMM Myanmar received help worth BTC 3.42. Myanmar has been working as reliably as never before which is a great joy for everyone. The member who received help shared his opinion of the current MMM operation in the country.
    • MMM's popularity in Indonesia has been rapidly growing. Last week, we launched new offices in multiple cities of this country: in Langkat, Blitar, Madura, Jakarta (2 offices), Palu, Pasuruan, Purwokerto. In other words, Indonesia has launched 8 (!) new MMM offices in a matter of one week. It's impressive, isn't it? :))
    • Since more and more members from Australia (and from around the world) wish to use bitcoins, last week MMM hosted the “Where to Buy Bitcoins in Australia” webinar. The attendees learnt about the key options and methods of buying cryptocurrency in the country. Watch the webinar recording here:
    • Now all members of MMM RSA, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Ghana have a change of winning awesome prizes for promoting the system. Do you remember we mentioned the upcoming contests? Guess what: last week the contests were officially launched and will be held on a weekly basis as a source of eternal joy for our members. :))
    The Best Testimonials

    This is a new section added to our weekly Digest. We're receiving awesome Good Luck Letters which we justly award with a 10% bonus.

    These videos are truly nice and creative. They're TOP class, and we really want to share them with you. :)) If you want your video to be included in our weekly Digest, go for it! It's all up to you.

    A video from a member lady from Nigeria

    A video from a member from Ecuador

    One more video from a member from Ecuador

    Photos and videos:

    All the Photos and videos you can find at

    Let's sum up:

    This Digest has turned out to be more diverse than the previous ones. We hope that you're going to like it — we have done our best, as always. :))

    As you can see for yourselves, MMM has been developing in a really great way. Each week we have lots of various interesting events related to our Community. We've been growing all around the world, moving towards our goal. Together, we're sure to achieve it. Because together we're invincible!

    Thank you for your attention! See you next week!

    Best regards, MMM Administration
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