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    Members of the MMM Mutual Aid Community help each other financially and make a stable monthly income based on the amount of help provided. These conditions give everyone a chance to start from scratch — wipe off debts, provide for themselves and their families, do what they really like.

    Our members send us loads of thank you letters, and today we would like to share one of these letters with you. The letter tells you how our Community help a family wipe off their debts.

    Text of the letter:

    “Dear Sergey Mavrodi Me, my wife and our kids would like to express our gratitude to you for creating MMM. If it weren't for the Mutual Aid Community which I've been a member of for almost six months, I probably would never pay off my debts.

    I owed money to a bank, but I fell into default with payments a couple of times due for family reasons, and the interest payments started growing like crazy. I had to take another loan to repay the accrued interest on the first loan. In the end, I came to borrowing money from my friends because my debt to the bank grew too rapidly and I couldn't pay it back on time.

    But 5 months ago I heard about MMM and provided help for the first time. As a result, the Community helped me pay back the first loan and then the second one. Then I payed all my debts back to my friends and started a new life where I owe nothing to anyone. I'm not entirely sure I could climb out of the debt pit where I drove myself without MMM. But now all problems are in the past. The MMM Community is a real miracle! Thank you for being there for us!”

    This letter proves once again that MMM has chosen the right path. The Community helps you solve all pressing issues and get a chance to live a happy, fulfilling life. Join MMM, get help from other members and build a new just world where you will lack nothing!

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    MMM helps people solve their pressing issues. Grateful members send warm letters to the Community all the time. One of these letters is published in this article.
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