Official News 21.11.2017 How to protect yourself from pickpockets

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    Pickpockets are thieves that steal money and purses directly out of pockets and bags along the way. They operate everywhere: at the markets, in big supermarkets, on excursions, and other crowded places. Let’s figure out how to protect yourself from them.

    3 ways of protection
    • Keep money out of sight. Pickpockets have a high chance of failure, therefore, they will hardly take risks for $10. They usually choose a victim that has a lot of money. That’s why they often hang around near supermarkets’ cash desks or at the markets. When a man opens a purse, a thief manages to assess the contents with a trained eye. Always cover the wallet with your hand and don’t show anyone your cash.
    • Never put money in your back or chest pocket. To walk up behind a victim and take out a purse is an easy task even for a first-time petty thief. There is a great chance in a crowd at exhibitions, in supermarkets and public transport, to encounter an “innocent” bystander who may pull out the money out of your chest or back pocket.
    • Split money into two parts. You should select some amount for small expenses and keep the rest sum separately.
    • Put the small amount in an external pocket of your bag or pants - in places from which it can be easily taken and used.
    • The main stock should be hidden away - for instance, in an internal zipped pocket of your jacket or any other place where it is hard to get to. Don’t keep the money in your bag, because thieves can grab it and run away.
    You should agree that it’s very frustrating to lose the money you counted on. Therefore, follow these recommendations - be always careful in crowded places and then you will be able to protect your savings from pickpockets.

    We also don’t recommend carrying with you a large amount of cash, you’d better keep it on your card or cryptocurrency wallet. Pickpockets don’t like bank cards - it’s hard and takes a long time to mess around with them, in addition, you may block and track the card. While to steal the money out of the cryptocurrency wallet is practically impossible in fact, the more so on the street.
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