Official News 21.11.2017 MMM Brazil event in the city of Caruaru

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    Hundreds of people participated In another great event held by MMM in Brazil on November 4, 2017. This was a great moment and indescribable day provided by the Community in the city of Caruaru / PE.

    The great engagement of the people in the event and the willingness to join the MMM demonstrated the curiosity and interest of many in participating. The Community was presented at SENAC and sponsored and supported by companies such as Ovo Novo, Kasa Nova Construction, Hard Sertao, Laser Space, Center Bowling, Coca-Cola Shop, Sivon & Trindade Hall, CEACA, Daniel Fruit Salad, Serrano Coffee, Caruaru Pulp, Bilisco Products, Sherwin Williams Brazil Paints and Rocket Cooler. No comments, right? Very cool.

    And it was not just that. Many leaders and participants from other states made their way to participate in this event promoted by the MMM Brazil Community.

    It was promoted through TV Jornal, a communication vehicle that covers the entire state of Pernambuco, on two weekends through Moreira Neto's "Business" program. By clicking below, you can see the videos that have announced on TV this great day for the city of Caruaru:

    The colleges Maurício de Nassau and ASCES also helped to promote the event.

    And we can imagine, we would want to know more details about this event. That's why we present you with it´s programming and a short video where you'll see how everything was.

    1) Opening by Moreira Neto
    2) Lecture with José Bento - "Change your frying pan - changing your MindSet"
    3) Lecture with Adeildo Brito - "Digital Coins and Bitcoin"
    4) Lecture with José Bento - "Introduction to MMM Brazil"
    5) Lecture with Adeildo Brito - "Recognizing the levels of the Community participants"
    6) Lecture with Adeildo Brito - "Introducing MMM Brazil"

    And there was that delicious coffee break that only MMM Brazil prepares for you. You are curious? Look at the video down there.

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