Official News 21.11.2017 Salto / SP: MMM Brazil is presented in the city and satisfies all.

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    Another great moment of development - Community MMM Brazil traveled to Salto city/ SP where was held another event.

    The guiders Celso Roque, Camilo da Silva, Claudiomiro Machado, Marcos and Patricia organized offline event that was more than special and counted with around 70 participants. During the event, it was discussed several subjects, but we would like to highlight some of them:
    • Bitcoin Cryptocurrency
    • Other crypto currencies such as Litcoin, Ethereum and BCH
    • How the current financial system is developed
    • How unfairly our money is distributed
    • How MMM Brazil can change people's lives
    • How the Community helps others
    • How the MMM changed the lives of several guiders
    • The risks of participating
    • The legality of the Community
    It was a lot of information, wasn’t it? And in the end, as always, we had delicious coffee break and also there was a draw of gifts like t-shirts and pens.

    All those who participated and organized the event, thanked the opportunity to participate in a fair, honest financial system that is changing thousands of lives around the world: MMM Brazil. No doubt, they will always be willing to help the neediest. And they thanked Sergey Mavrodi for his initiative in creating this wonderful community.

    Do not forget to take a look at the video of the event.

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