Official News 21.12.2017 Five Rules to Help You Live Wisely

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    MMM is building a just world where anyone may attain happiness and success. Each person makes their own life. How they live it — wisely or not — entirely depends on this person. Try to make your life useful for yourself and those around you. Below are five rules to help you out.

    Pareto principle
    20% of efforts produces 80% of results. The remaining 80% of efforts is inefficient and produces 20% of results. This principle urges you to stop doing inefficient things — you will then be able to make time for something that you love and that benefits you. In other words, analyze what you do and improve all of it, if necessary.

    Parkinson's law
    A person allocates much more time for a task than required. Don't waste an entire week on a task you can complete in a day. By allocating more time, you simply put the task on hold. Complete it right away and move to the next one — and your efficiency will rise two-fold.

    “Give and Receive” principle
    By doing something good, a person will surely receive more than they gave away. It's a rule of thumb that actually works. Help those in need, don't just walk past another person's grief — and the world will give you what you truly need.

    This is a wonderful way to stay positive and focus on the right goals. Thank others for the smallest things — it'll make them and yourself happier. Positive emotions are good for your soul.

    You're a personality
    Don't compare yourself to others. Each person is a personality, and so are you. One person can paint, another can play the guitar, etc. Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to yourself. What were you like six months ago — and what have you become now? What have you achieved? This comparison is much more useful — you'll see how much you've grown. Always strive to become better.
    Stick to these rules to achieve success. Join MMM, earn a high percentage of the help provided and live a reasonable life.
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