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    Friends, we welcome you in the new year 2018 and once again we want to wish you prosperity and welfare! :))

    The start of the year is the right time to draw up long-term plans and set new goals. We are sure that you have already determined your relevant goals and will surely reach them. It just can’t be otherwise as our Community is formed by the energetic and goal-oriented people who want to change their life for better. And you are among them. So, move ahead bravely towards the better life, and MMM will surely help you!

    We had a good rest, relaxed and now we are ready to work for you 100%! Today, we resume our weekly digests. So, let’s make a wrap-up of the first two weeks of this year. As usual, we will start with the news from the cryptocurrencies world, and we will shortly describe the events that occurred in different countries of our friendly MMM planet. Let’s begin! ;-))

    МММ and cryptocurrencies
    • The cryptocurrencies market continues to develop. Last week, its total capitalization amounted to more than $800 bln. It is noteworthy that this time altcoins became the main “heroes” in strengthening general positions, many of them showed a significant growth. On January, 4th Ethereum reached the high of $1000 for the first time, and today it is traded at the price $1300-$1500 in different stock exchanges. Dash cryptocurrency also showed a high growth, and for the moment its price amounts to $1000-$1200 per coin. Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero and other cryptocurrencies also grew, and it helped to increase the total capitalization. Once again, we call everyone to participate in MMM with cryptocurrencies as they continue to develop actively. Just look at the growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the recent months, and you will realize who profitable it can be! ;-))
    • After the drastic growth in the recent several months, Bitcoin rate started to adjust as we said in our previous digest. Once again we repeat that at this stage of the cryptocurrencies market such adjustments are typical, and there are no premises to worry. Besides, compared to October, November and the beginning of December of 2017, now the price of Bitcoin is higher. At the same time, experts are sure it will strengthen its positions, and the interest of the investors continues to increase. For example, the co-founder and senior analyst in Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee is sure that in 2018 the rate of Bitcoin can grow 2-3 times. Other experts predict even more significant growth, however we know that Bitcoin can easily overcome even the bravest expectations and grow even more. We have the same opinion as the experts. There are no premises to worry. ;-))
    • The US Ministry of Finance expressed its opinion concerning the critics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the issue of the illegal trading. Bitcoin is criticized as it’s considered to be used for the illegal commerce. However, the US representative on the issues related to the terrorism financing and financial crimes stated that despite the usage of digital currencies for the illegal payments, the total sum of such transactions is much lower than the amount in US dollars used for the same purposes. By the way, t’s a pleasure to see such a positive behaviour from the authorities. The annual revenue from the illegal weapons and drugs sales amounts to $2 trln. The turnover of the funds in the illegal commerce with usage of cryptocurrencies is several times lower. Therefore, it’s obvious that the US Ministry of Finance doesn’t perceive cryptocurrencies as the only tool for the illegal money laundering. And the opinion of the USA is extremely relevant in the modern world. It is a positive signal for the development of cryptocurrencies.
    And now, let’s make a short wrap-up of the events that occurred in different MMM countries in the first two weeks of 2018

    Firstly, we would like to say that all MMM countries celebrated Christmas and New Year holidays with a great pleasure! :)) At the same time, our members not only celebrated the holidays but helped poor people to celebrate them.
    • The leaders from MMM Brazil held a real Christmas miracle for the children from one of the unprivileged districts of the city Franco da Rocha/ SP. They brought wonderful gifts for the children - toys, food supplies and guitars. In this way, the leaders pleased both children and their parents who simply don’t have money to hold New Year holidays for their kids. People expressed their sincere gratitude to the MMM Community and personally to our leader Sergey Mavrodi. Friends, we thank you for your responsive hearts and happy smiles on the faces of these kids! Well done, guys! :))
    • Let’s underline that in the nearest future experienced guiders from Brazil will visit other countries of Latin America for the organization and development of the united structure of all countries of Latin America - LA GLOBAL. Nobody doubts that our positive enthusiasts will manage to cope with the task. Guys, we wish you good luck in this important deal! ;-))
    • The activists from MMM Peru did a great job during the Christmas holidays!:)) They visited a small village in order to present a real Christmas to the local children! Tasty sweets and beverages, food supplies and toys - it’s just a part of gifts that were presented. Both children and adults got a lot of gifts and positive emotions. This wonderful event was held thanks to our leaders and MMM Community.We express our sincere gratitude to all guys who carried out that large-scale charity event related to the New Year holidays! Your work deserves borderless praise! Keep it up! :))
    • The things are going wonderful in MMM Indonesia and MMM Zimbabwe. The activity of the participants is constantly growing! ;-)) And the testimonials we constantly get is a good proof. People are happy with the Community and send us their sincere gratitude letters. Obviously, we are also happy as our main goal is to make each of you happy - our dear participants! Don’t forget that the stability and efficiency of the System depend on you. If you provide help actively and invite new members it will help you and the whole Community. So, continue to develop, and everything will be MMM! :))
    • MMM Philippines break new stability records! ;-)) During the last 16 months, the Community works wonderful in this country. It’s a good example to follow for everybody. This stability should be a good proof for all countries participants! The members of MMM Philippines show a high unity and consciousness level, and help the System to develop constantly and get a great benefit for themselves. We call everyone to do the same, once again we praise your loyalty to the MMM ideology. Keep it up, guys! :))
    • The guiders from MMM Australia continue to enroll new participants interested in learning MMM opportunities and improving welfare. Last week, they recorded a new video where they told the viewers about Ethereum cryptocurrency - its history and advantages of the participation in MMM with Ethereum. Those who are interested in this topic can watch the video via the link:
    • Once again, we thank our guiders for the important deal they do for the development of our Community! :))
    • Unlike other countries, the holidays continue in MMM China. ;-)) Soon, just in one month, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated - the Year of Yellow Dog. Therefore, our participants from this country are preparing for the coming holidays that are celebrated all over the country. Obviously, they don’t forget about our Community, the activity is growing constantly, the number of PH increases, therefore we are moving in the right direction! We wish our Chinese friends positive mood and good luck in the preparation to the Chinese New Year! ;-))
    • The activists from MMM India also started the New Year with the positive mood. They carried our the charity event for the elderly. They visited one of the nursing homes and provided it with fresh fruits. Care and attention is what elderly people really need, and thanks to our guiders from MMM they got it. Friends, we express our sincere gratitude for all kind deeds you constantly do for those who really need it - elderly people, children etc. In this way, you promote MMM ideology based on the mutual help. Continue to do good things on behalf of our Community and share our key values with them. Your deeds deserve respect!

    We get a lot of Testimonials from our happy participants. usually, we publish several of them in our digest. These videos are the video from ordinary people who live an ordinary lives and make their lives better thanks to MMM. We offer to your attention several new Testimonials from our participants:

    To finish with
    MMM Community started the new 2018 year with a new power - full of confidence in the successful future. We continue to develop and strengthen our system in order to reach our main goal and build a fair world for everybody. Together with MMM, we will surely reach this goal and make our life much better, more brilliant and worthy!

    Friends, continue to follow our ideology - provide help to each other actively, and invite newcomers. If you invite more people, we will have more participants, and you will get more bonuses! :))

    Once again we congratulate you on the holidays. Let this year bring you a lot of positive changes! We wish you success and prosperity! :))

    Thank you for staying with us. See you next week!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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