Official News 22.02.2018 Analysts’ predictions: in 2018 Ethereum will grow three times as a minimum

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    Experts and analysts in the cryptocurrency field predict Ethereum’s three-time price increase. In their estimations, they are based on the fact that Ethereum technologies will actively be introduced in the many spheres of social life, including business and politics.

    Ethereum’s potential is great

    Over the past year, billions of dollars were invested in projects based on Ethereum smart contracts, and according to analysts it’s just the beginning. Experts think that in the current year the demand for such smart contracts will increase significantly thanks to their high efficiency, and, consequently, Ethereum price will rise at least three-fold as well.

    But that’s not where it stops. Recently a new service for evaluation of cryptocurrency “latent” potential has appeared, it is called Bitcoin Price Equivalence. This service equates the price of taken individually cryptocurrencies with the Bitcoin price, calculating their capitalization and potential price provided that any other cryptocurrency has the same limit of coins as Bitcoin - i.e. 21 mln. As a result of such calculations, according to developers’ explanations, it is possible to see how big a potential of one or the other cryptocurrency is. If to trust the service, Ethereum, for the time being, is highly underestimated, in other words, it has a big “latent” potential, and its price may surpass the $6,000 mark.

    Don’t forget that Ethereum is a No.2 cryptocurrency
    on the basis of capitalization

    It should be added that after the last correction of the cryptocurrency market, Ethereum has gained its point and confidently returned to the second line of the cryptocurrency capitalization rating, according to Coinmarketcap service. Bitcoin is still a top-rating, all-time leader of the cryptocurrency market. Be reminded that during the correcting Ethereum went down to the third place, giving ground to Ripple.

    Analysts believe in Ethereum’s high potential, and their opinion is shared by many investors, considering this cryptocurrency as a perfect tool for long-term investment.
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