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    People can participate in MMM with bank money transfers and cryptocurrencies. We recommend you the second option as it is faster, more reliable and profitable.

    Now, Bitcoin is extremely popular. If applying enough efforts, all interested people and organizations can get to know the destination of Bitcoins. It means, Bitcoin doesn’t provide full anonymity for the users although this is one of the key functions of cryptocurrencies.

    However, Monero is founded to save the anonymity - a new more efficient data encryption is used in this coin. Therefore, Monero possesses high anonymity level, many experts predict successful future of this cryptocoin.

    Monero can substitute offshore accounts, however not only celebrities but ordinary people can use it. This cryptocurrency can become your personal Swiss bank in the pocket, and it is available for everybody.

    Do you like these forecasts?

    However, Monero would compete with other coins with high anonymity level for the title of pocket Swiss bank. Firstly, we are talking about DASH and Zcash. Nevertheless, Monero is more popular as anonymous cryptocurrency. Already now, this coin is one of TOP-10 most significant cryptocurrencies of the world and it is successfully used in the commerce.

    It’s calculated that if 1% of the offshore funds will be converted into Monero its price will grow up to $6 000, and if 10% - by the end of 2025 the price of Monero will reach $63 000.

    However, it refers only to those who use offshore accounts ordinary people can’t use. And how will the price grow when all ordinary users invest in Monero? Make conclusions on your own.

    Participate in MMM, get high percents and support progressive altcoins!
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