Official News 22.11.2017 5 causes of low self-esteem

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    The МММ Community is building a fair world in which everyone will live happily and become prosperous. However, only self-confident people reach success: they are tuned positively, boldly move toward their goal and reach it. A person with low self-esteem will hardly become successful. They think that are unworthy of happiness and instinctively deprive themselves of it.

    There are a lot of aspects influencing peoples’ attitude to themselves. According to psychologists, the most widespread of them are::
    • Improper family upbringing. If you often punish a child, compare him/her to “good” children, criticize their initiative - they lose confidence in themselves. Growing up, a man always doubts and is instinctively afraid of making a mistake.
    • Children’s failures. If a child has lost in a competition or got embarrassed in any other way - it’s a great tragedy for him/her. They need support of their parents, while laughing at the child in such situation may lead to psychological traumas.
    • Philistinism. It’s much simpler to stay a layman than to strive for success. A man doesn’t set goals for fear of failure, they prefer to live on autopilot. They are comfortable with dullness and mediocrity.
    • Negative social environment. It’s hard to improve your self-worth being surrounded by passive and pessimistic people. Are your friends constantly dissatisfied with their life, spreading gossips and talking about others behind their backs? Think whether you should keep going their way.
    • Unattractive appearance and health issues. Such people think that they are constant objects of ridicule. It is not always the case, besides, why you should depend on anyone else’s opinion?
    A man with low self-esteem will neither reach success nor live happily ever after. Though, if there is a wish, everyone can change - develop confidence, set goals and achieve them. How you can do that - we will tell you in the next article. Participate in MMM, get high bonuses of your Provide Help sum and develop positive character traits!
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