Official News 22.12.2017 Things You Must Stop Doing to Change Your Life for the Better

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    The MMM Community is building a just world where anyone may attain happiness and success. To achieve success, maintain a positive view of life. Our today's tip is putting behind the thoughts that drag you down and the things that prevent you from growing.
    1. Don't communicate with people who take you for granted. Don't waste your time on people who disdain you. Get rid of them. Don't try to please someone who doesn't care about you or disrespects you. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Those who are there for you only when you're successful are just “turncoats”.
    2. Don't shun away from challenges. The “hide, wait and see” position is for patsies. Face your challenges confidently, take the heat and look for a reasonable way-out. No one is immune to failure, the main thing here is keeping your head up. Put your fears aside and look each challenge right in the face. The solution will come if you cast emotions aside.
    3. Don't lie to yourself. However hard you try, you cannot deceive yourself. Don't try to convince yourself of something that's not even there. Don't build castles in the air, don't live in a fool's paradise. Get real, be honest with yourself. If you made a mistake, admit it and fix it.
    4. Don't put your needs on the back burner. While helping others, don't forget about yourself. It's not egoistic. If you forget how important you are, people around you will stop appreciating and respecting you. Equalize your efforts — love your friends and family, but don't fall victim to this love.
    5. Don't hold on to your past. Live in the present moment and think about the future. Don't carry your past along as a heavy load — it's gone forever. Don't get caught up in your grievances and failures — move on to success.
    Get rid of everything that prevents you from moving forward. Join MMM, earn a high percentage of the help provided and accomplish the goals you set!
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