Official News 23.08.2017 What is money? How are we turned into financial slaves?

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    MMM members help each other financially and make a stable monthly income. The Community is building a just world and gives each of its members a chance to become happy and financially independent.

    MMM changes people and their attitude towards money: its members become kinder, they are willing to help others. When a person has no financial problems, they see the world differently. However, the existing financial system manipulates us using money, and it's unjust!

    We're slaves to simple paper

    Money is like shackles put on us by banks and the government. We cannot do anything without money: we cannot buy food or get a treatment. We're used to money getting things done, and we see it as really valuable.

    As a matter of fact, money is just paper with no backing printed by banks. And people are given this paper as payment for work. The US Federal Reserve has no external restrictions — it can print as many dollars as it wants. It also controls Central Banks of other countries.

    Theoretically, we could print the amount of money that would be sufficient for all of us. But the economic system wouldn't allow it. As a result, we sell our time, skills and knowledge for peanuts.

    MMM changing the world

    The MMM Community will bring radical change to the existing financial system — each of us will have a chance to live happily in abundance and will be freed from controls of banks and the government.

    People strive for self-fulfillment: some dream of getting an education and starting a business, others want to travel, still others see their life goal as raising their children in abundance and helping those in need. There are many people, and each one of them has their own needs and desires, but they need money to live up to them.

    Luckily, MMM can solve this problem. The Community gives everyone a chance to do what they want. Join MMM, make a stable monthly income and change your life for the better!
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