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    Welcome dear friends! We want to share with you a short summary of the past weeks’ events on our MMM planet!

    MMM Community is building a new fair world for ordinary people and strongly believes in your consciousness, dear participants. Only our participants determine how soon we will reach our goal. We shouldn’t be afraid of any obstacles in order to finish our common deal!

    Participate in the Community and promote it in any possible ways — provide help, tell about us in the social media and on forums, hold online and offline events for the attraction of new members etc. The more participants join us, the more united and conscious they are, the more stable the work of MMM will be.

    Before the start of our fresh digest, we would like to announce a pleasant piece of news — in all countries, we have created MMM account in Twitter and the channel of the system in the messenger Telegram. Now, you can keep in touch with the recent news and special offers, watch our best Testimonials and read a lot of useful and interesting information. Don’t forget to subscribe for us in case you haven’t done it yet. :))

    And now, we will share with you the events for the last week in different MMM countries. As is tradition, we start with the news from the cryptocurrencies world.

    МММ and Cryptocurrencies
    • Last week, the price of Bitcoin exceeded $6000 and reached a new historical maximum rate. This new record proves one more time that the “digital gold” isn’t worse but even better than the natural one. The number of Bitcoin investors increases drastically due to its stable growth. We congratulate all Bitcoin users on the new record! :))
    • The market capitalization of Bitcoin also breaks records. For the first time, it’s volume has exceeded $100 bln. According to the statistics, in the recent 30 days, the price of the first cryptocurrency grew by 56%, and in the last year — by more than 850%. Amazing results! The early investors who chose long-term storage strategy Buy & Hold and paid their attention to this cryptocurrency two years ago, got a big income from their investments. The daily Bitcoin turnover is now $2.6 bln that converts Bitcoin into the most popular digital money with traders.
    • When talking about total cryptocurrency market capitalization, the results are also amazing. Just read it: on 01.01.2017 the cryptocurrency market capitalization hardly exceeded $18 bln. Nowadays, this indicator is $173.7 bln. As you can see, from the start of the current year the cryptocurrency market has increased 10 times. And it is just the beginning as cryptocurrencies continue to gain popularity drastically.
    • Although Bitcoin remains the leader of the cryptocurrencies market and will probably maintain its position in the future, many investors prefer to invest in Altcoins — alternative coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash etc. They think in the following way: altcoins are based in the same way as Bitcoin, however they have some unique features. It means they have a certain potential that can bring high revenues. Many altcoins can become as expensive as Bitcoin. For example, at the beginning, Litecoin and Ethereum cost several cents, and now their price is much higher and can grow even more. If acting with cryptocurrency investments properly, you can get high returns. The most important is to be prudent. When you participate in MMM using a cryptocurrency, you get much more even if the cryptocurrency rate doesn’t grow. :))
    And now, a short review of the main events of the last week in different MMM countries
    • Traditionally, we will start with our Kenyan leaders who arrived in Egypt in order to develop our Community there. Three weeks have passed after their arrival, and now we want to please you with wonderful results — MMM Egypt is gaining its momentum. Generally, our leaders showed good results — they held different meetings, distributed leaflets on the streets, prepared new conferences and even played football. With such superactivity, the things will surely improve! ;-)) Guys, thank you so much for making such an important contribution to the development of the system!
    • In MMM RSA things are going perfectly well The participants provide and get help actively. The number of PH requests increases day after day, so we are pleased with the results. Our members show a strong belief in the Community, and the system believes in each of them. Friends, continue to promote MMM in your country — tell your friends, acquaintances and strangers about us. Let them improve their welfare in the same way. Our strength is mutual help! :))
    • All is well in MMM Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia. The Community develops actively in these countries, gets stronger and more stable. The participants provide help to each other improving their own welfare. Guys, we call you to be active, develop and strengthen MMM. We are sure you can do it because you are friendly, united and goal-oriented people!;-))
    • The activists from MMM Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria remain active as usual. They continue to promote our Community, hold offline events for people who still don’t know about MMM. Last week, the guiders from Kenya showed a creative approach to MMM promotion — they moved to a little town and started to distribute leaflets among pedestrians, explained them how our Community works, what its missions and goals are. And the leaders from MMM Nigeria held special business training in order to teach all guests the skills of work with the Community. We like its great enthusiasm that inspires our leaders from Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria to promote MMM. Well done, guys! :)) We call everyone to follow their example!
    • The guiders from MMM Brazil continue to please us with their active position. Last week, they held daily offline events — small home meetings and official presentations. Each event was extremely successful. As the result, new active participants join our Community, and it is extremely important for us. Obviously, they also held charity events. Last week, our guiders organized large-scale event for children, presented them wonderful gifts and tasty meals. Friends, thank you for your active participation in the MMM development and your constant work you do for the welfare of the whole Community :))
    • Last week, the first anniversary of MMM was celebrated in Peru. The guiders and the participants of the system held a great street parade with balloons, posters and cars decorated with MMM symbology. The gala ceremony with several hundreds of participants took place in a large fashionable hall. The atmosphere was bright and positive. Well done, guys! We wish you further development and prosperity! :))
    • We are also pleased with MMM development in the Chinese social networks. It is extremely important! Our followers are very active! We want to thank you for that! We are pleased to see that MMM and social networks in China are working coherently. We call participants from other countries to keep it up and subscribe for our accounts in social networks all over the world!
    • The things are going wonderful in MMM Australia. We are pleased that are local leaders are constantly looking for new ways to motivate their participants showing them the benefits of the participation in MMM — great opportunities for the improvement of their own welfare. Last week our leaders recorded video reviews, and shared the story of the ordinary participant who used his Mavros properly and increased his funds due to the constant growth of Mavros. Each participant of MMM Australia can reach the same success! :)) Here are these video reviews:
    • MMM Philippines continues to develop and strengthen. The participants feel wonderful! And it is obvious as the system develops rapidly ;-)) Friends, we are very glad for you and we are proud that with our Community you improve your welfare, and it is the most important. Continue to provide help actively and invite newcomers so that the Community grows, becomes even more stable than now. We wish you success! :))
    • Last week, our guiders from MMM India held the charity event associated to the national holiday — festival of Diwali — fire festival. This holiday impersonates the victory of good over evil which is the key idea of the ideology of our Community. During the charity event, 450 people got free food and expressed their gratitude to the organizers. Besides, an entertaining contest was held for the children. The winners got useful gifts — interesting books. Thank you guys for the promotion of MMM! Thank you that you follow our ideology and take care about ordinary people. We are really proud of you!

    Best Testimonials

    And now, it’s time to watch Testimonials of our grateful participants who change their life for the better with MMM! :))

    We are extremely glad that with MMM, people make their dreams true, improve their welfare and become happier! So, enjoy watching our best Testimonials:

    To finish with

    So, now you know how was the week in different MMM countries. Friends, we express our gratitude for your participation in MMM. When you provide help to other people, ordinary people as you, you are doing a kind deed for them and for yourself. The base of our Community consists in the mutual help. Remember it and continue to participate actively.

    Promote MMM in different ways — provide help, invite new members, build your own structures… Any contribution to the Community, even the most minimal, is extremely useful for all our participants, first of all for you. Don’t stay indifferent, and our Community will become stronger and more stable day after day. MMM is your chance to maintain your family financially, build a new happy life for everybody. Use this chance, and MMM will open for you a new world with unlimited opportunities!

    Thank you for your attention! Don’t miss our next news digest in a week. It will be interesting!

    Best regards,
    МММ Administration
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