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    MMM presentation at Sunningdale 1 primary school - Harare | MMM East Africa

    MMM guider Tawanda Madhongo went and shared the ideology in Harare to the excited crowd that came to hear him share the good tidings of MMM. He addressed a full house and imparted the ideology to them.
    On imparting the ideology, he told those doubting that MMM still exists that this was the beginning. MMM is our hope and it has revived the hope that was once lost in us. MMM has come at the right time when we needed it most. Since we now can afford to provide for our families there is no need to scurry to South Africa job seeking.
    To the youngsters he urged them to grab the opportunity and make it to change their lives for the better. MMM also offers free online education of its guiders. Do not make excuses fellas this is our chance.
    Together we can do a lot!

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    MMM Presentation at Miriam Hotel-Kisumu | MMM East Africa

    MMM guider Jacob Awili arranged for this presentation at the Miriam Hotel in Kisumu-Kenya. The aim is to reach everyone in Kenya with the news about MMM. This social network has become the number one leading financial network. It originated from Russia, founded by Sergey Mavrodi a computer programmer and a mathematician. Sergey Mavrodi is the former deputy of the Russian parliament. In this post it is where some of his inspiration came from to help out and accommodate the poor. This world is unjust and it is time we make it just.
    He went on and explained the ideology to the attentive attendees making demonstrations using the projector. He also share the benefits of MMM, more money in your pocket and more time to do what you like while earning. Anyone has the opportunity to become a leader. MMM offers free online school for those who want to be leaders.
    MMM is here to alleviate financial poverty in our lives and he encouraged them to join.
    Long live MMM!

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    MMM presentation at Esigodini-Umzingwane | MMM East Africa

    People in Esigodini are now warming up to the news of MMM and its ideology. They are now responding in numbers at the invitations made by MMM guider Jennie Banda. MMM is not only for the town folks, it accommodates everyone willing to be part of this community. It is comforting to know that guiders are doing all they can to reach people in rural areas.
    MMM is a mutual aid donation exchange aimed at creating a fair distribution of funds remarked guider Jennie. MMM has no central account and does not collect people’s money. In MMM we do not invest or spin money. We donate using our spare money, money that we want to use later. MMM only connects the donator and the receiver and makes sure both parties are left happy. It offers thirty percent in all contributions made.
    All does not end there MMM has other bonuses to help you grow your money fast. Let us join and be part of this community that offers us financial freedom she urged them on closing.
    Walala wasala!

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