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    Dear members!

    Unfortunately, we have to announce a restart. We will not dwell on the reasons here as they are largely of no interest to anyone and we understand it perfectly well. What is important is the result.

    We would like to remind you, however, that we have managed to work for almost a year with no restarts which, as you would probably agree, is more than just good. In the course of this year, taking into account our sky high growth rate and bonuses, our members could earn more than any bank would allow them to earn in a hundred years. It's just a dry fact that must be taken into consideration, too, while reviewing the advantages and disadvantages and discussing the final result.

    We should also note that intervals between restarts are steadily extending which is of no small importance.

    As a final note, we would like to point out that all members were advised of all the risks at the beginning and ticked the WARNING box at registration. In other words, we are playing in a totally open and fair manner (unlike all others — banks, etc. — that generally shy away from talking about this).

    Right, back to the point:
    1. All pre-restart mavros are "frozen" making all transactions with them impossible. As the System develops, we will gradually buy them back from you.
    2. The rules will basically remain the same, with some differences though: 50 % growth rate for the first contribution in mavros is revoked — instead, we launch three-month contributions of two types (see more details).
    This is basically it. All of this is very unpleasant, of course, but a year of non-stop operation at the sky high growth rate we offer is quite a long period, while problems tend to accumulate. Alas! Join the System and you'll have it all back and more (if you've lost something). The more so as now is a good moment to start it all from scratch. (And there's over a year until the next re-start. At the very least. :)) In a nutshell, do not grieve for too long and don't waste your precious time! This is the advice we can offer.

    Sincerely yours,
    MMM Administration
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